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a. Discernible by the touch; palpable: a tangible roughness of the skin.
b. Possible to touch.
c. Possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete: tangible evidence.
2. Possible to understand or realize: the tangible benefits of the plan.
3. Law Relating to or being property of a physical nature, such as land, objects, and goods.
1. Something palpable or concrete.
2. tangibles Property having a physical form.

[Late Latin tangibilis, from Latin tangere, to touch; see tag- in Indo-European roots.]

tan′gi·bil′i·ty, tan′gi·ble·ness n.
tan′gi·bly adv.
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Noun1.tangibleness - the quality of being perceivable by touch
corporality, corporeality, physicalness, materiality - the quality of being physical; consisting of matter


The quality or condition of being discernible by touch:
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This concept itself has various elements and aspects briefly includes tangibleness of the service, reliability of the service, responsibility, guarantee, and empathy by the other persons and staffs [15].
Our only real beginning point is the assurance that God has chosen three different ways to love us, not in thought or abstraction but in the tangibleness of history.
It is another subversion of narrative linearity, and a demonstration of the direction of Blake's playfulness with language and with his designs, and Lundeen argues for a changing relationship between these two throughout Blake's work, starting with a blurring of the distinction between word and image, continuing with a sense of the tangibleness of words, and then literally marginalizing the verbal text so that it frames the illustrations as the principal signs on the page (p.