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a. Discernible by the touch; palpable: a tangible roughness of the skin.
b. Possible to touch.
c. Possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete: tangible evidence.
2. Possible to understand or realize: the tangible benefits of the plan.
3. Law Relating to or being property of a physical nature, such as land, objects, and goods.
1. Something palpable or concrete.
2. tangibles Property having a physical form.

[Late Latin tangibilis, from Latin tangere, to touch; see tag- in Indo-European roots.]

tan′gi·bil′i·ty, tan′gi·ble·ness n.
tan′gi·bly adv.
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Adv.1.tangibly - in a tangible manner; "virtue is tangibly rewarded"
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بصورةٍ مَلْموسَه
elle tutulabilecek şekilde


[ˈtændʒəblɪ] ADV [demonstrate, show] → de modo palpable
it is tangibly differentla diferencia es tangible or palpable
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advgreifbar; he would prefer to be rewarded more tangiblyihm wäre etwas Handfesteres als Belohnung lieber; the evidence tangibly supports his claimdie Beweise unterstützen seine Behauptung nachhaltig
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[ˈtændʒəblɪ] adv (see adj) → in modo tangibile, sostanzialmente
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(ˈtӕndʒəbl) adjective
real or definite. tangible evidence.
ˈtangibly adverb
ˈtangibility noun
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The odour brought her vividly, almost tangibly before him.
The coachman pocketed his fee and drove away, leaving me, not walking up the park, but pacing to and fro before its gates, with folded arms, and eyes fixed upon the ground, an overwhelming force of images, thoughts, impressions crowding on my mind, and nothing tangibly distinct but this: My love had been cherished in vain - my hope was gone for ever; I must tear myself away at once, and banish or suppress all thoughts of her, like the remembrance of a wild, mad dream.
It tangibly demonstrates our spirit of accepting no limits and the relentless effort put in by each of our people across the three manufacturing facilities.
Amman, April 16 (Petra) -- Temperatures are expected to tangibly drop on Tuesday, becoming 4-6 degrees below their annual average and bringing relatively cold and cloudy weather with scattered rain across the Kingdom, according to Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) daily brief.
Addressing a meeting in Aden, Yemen's provisional capital, with directors of commercial and Islamic banks operating in Yemen, he said the measures so far taken by the government and central banks have proved feasible to tangibly strengthen the Yemeni Riyal value, adding that such measures would enhance the monetary politics to positively lead to the amelioration of the economic situation and living standard for people.
To ensure that the reports are substantive, officials have been directed to include those figures which are based on facts and or can be tangibly substantiated.
He said the department was committed to tangibly improving academic performance of local students with the help of school principals and headmasters.
The new electronic system is hoped to tangibly contribute to improving the performance of the Egyptian economy, it added.
The industrial sector is undergoing a revolutionary technological transformation from tangibly managed activities to automation technologies, on account of increasing global export activity.
Leonhard Kurz has developed a new product line for in-mould decoration (IMD) with a tangibly and visibly soft surface.
However, what will tangibly be observed by nation is to trickle down of delivery in health and education sectors.