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tang 1

1. A distinctively sharp taste, flavor, or odor, as that of orange juice.
2. A distinctive quality: "Underneath it all was the tang of genuine adventure" (Jan Clausen).
3. A sharp point, tongue, or prong.
4. A projection by which a tool, such as a chisel or knife, is attached to its handle or stock. Also called shank.
tr.v. tanged, tang·ing, tangs
1. To furnish with a tang.
2. To give a tang to.

[Middle English tange, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse tangi, point, sting.]

tang′i·ness n.
tang′y adj.

tang 2

A loud ringing sound; a clang or twang.
intr. & tr.v. tanged, tang·ing, tangs
To resound with a tang or cause to resound with a tang.



A Chinese dynasty (618-907) known for its territorial expansion, prosperity, and encouragement of the arts and literature.

[Mandarin, T´ng, from Middle Chinese tɦaŋ, to boast, great, Tang dynasty.]


(Cookery) the property or quality of being tangy
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Noun1.tanginess - a tart spicy qualitytanginess - a tart spicy quality      
spicery, spiciness, spice - the property of being seasoned with spice and so highly flavored
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This salad has sweetness, tanginess, bitterness and a little spice: just like love.
I grew up with their crunchiness and saltiness and their tanginess when dipped in vinegar.
The creaminess of the whipped double cream and tanginess of the raspberries makes it the perfect dish after the rich main course.
It was intense, with the tomato sauce tasting of summer, on a winters day with the earthy Stilton working well against the goat's cheese tanginess.
79 A bit of a let-down - the pastry is too hard, and the filling tastes of almost nothing (slightly nutty, but no tanginess at all).
It is seasoned with ideal proportions of mint and yoghurt that give it a tinge of tanginess.
Tasters loved the light texture and slight tanginess of the topping and how the spicy meat and creamy aubergine layers complemented each other.
The shrimps are well done and the sauce has a mild spice and tanginess to it.
The interest in creating gourmet meals at home, using better quality ingredients, and this move to try and experiment with tanginess.
The strong spicy flavor of the ginger paired with the pop of freshness from the mint and the tanginess of the citrus zest created an unmatched cocktail.
The souk is a sensory experience that brings to life the traditions and history of Oman --surrounded by the heady scents of oud mixed with the spicy tanginess of saffron, cardamom, turmeric, rose petals and coffee beans, while listening to local tales narrated by a private guide.
uk), left, has blanched almond notes riding on the supple round fruit with similar nutty nuances and a lovely salty tanginess on the long, fresh finish.