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tang 1

1. A distinctively sharp taste, flavor, or odor, as that of orange juice.
2. A distinctive quality: "Underneath it all was the tang of genuine adventure" (Jan Clausen).
3. A sharp point, tongue, or prong.
4. A projection by which a tool, such as a chisel or knife, is attached to its handle or stock. Also called shank.
tr.v. tanged, tang·ing, tangs
1. To furnish with a tang.
2. To give a tang to.

[Middle English tange, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse tangi, point, sting.]

tang′i·ness n.
tang′y adj.

tang 2

A loud ringing sound; a clang or twang.
intr. & tr.v. tanged, tang·ing, tangs
To resound with a tang or cause to resound with a tang.



A Chinese dynasty (618-907) known for its territorial expansion, prosperity, and encouragement of the arts and literature.

[Mandarin, T´ng, from Middle Chinese tɦaŋ, to boast, great, Tang dynasty.]


adj, tangier or tangiest
having a pungent, fresh, or briny flavour or aroma: a tangy sea breeze.


(ˈtæŋ i)

adj. tang•i•er, tang•i•est.
having a tang.
tang′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.tangy - tasting sour like a lemon
sour - having a sharp biting taste


adjective sharp, tart, piquant, biting, fresh, spicy, pungent, briny, acerb smoked salmon, tangy cheeses and oysters


Having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids:


[ˈtæŋɪ] ADJfuerte y picante


[ˈtæŋi] adj [flavour, smell] → piquant(e)


adj (+er) tastescharf, streng; smell alsodurchdringend


[ˈtæŋɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) (flavour, taste, smell) → aspro/a


a. [smell] fuerte, penetrante.
References in classic literature ?
Those tangy frosty afternoons, when he had been forced to clean barns and plow while the other boys went rabbit and possum hunting or nutting, were afternoons whose loss he still mourned.
Top the deep fried chicken with a tangy nacho cheese, sour cream and chives, guacamole and jalapenos, then sprinkle with a tomato, corn and coriander salad.
95, Great Western Wines) - With firm acidity to support the tangy herbaceous, citrusy fruits, there's an appealing purity on the palate.
The line includes: Kung Pao Sauce, a sweet and tangy sauce that gets its kick from fermented chili bean sauce and chili flakes, complimented with apple juice concentrate and vinegar; Mongolian Style BBQ Sauce with a deep flavor profile derived from a blend of smoked black pepper, sweet molasses and soy sauce; Teriyaki Sauce, a sweet sauce presenting the flavors of pineapple juice concentrate and sake wine; Sesame Sauce, a simple, yet bold sauce with sweet, tangy and roasted notes born from the blend of toasted sesame seeds, ginger, michiu flavored wine and brown sugar; and Soy Sauce, brewed using traditional Japanese methods for a complex, yet clean flavor.
2 VITOX PINEAPPLE DRINKING VINEGAR Tangy and tropical ($19/12 oz.
Where: Salad Boutique Must Eat: Very Berry Salad What Is It: A stack of garden-fresh greens, mixed with an assortment of berries including raspberries and strawberries, topped with crispy nuts for some crunchy bites, and goat cheese for that tangy flavour, and a final touch of raspberry and creamy blue cheese dressing.
The tangy flavour of buttermilk goes well with sweet fruits while its acidic properties make it a flavourful marinade for poultry.
The Kurkure Bhutta, for instance, is whole wheat corn served with Kurkure crumble spice tangy spread.
It still has the tangy tomato flavour without any loss of taste.
Original Tangy is a sweet condiment with a unique tangy taste.
Sauvignon, however, superimposes gentle but tangy grapefruit and tangerine acidity on that traditional Gascon taste to create something at once both light and versatile.
TANGY TANGY TOES Please include your contact details including daytime telephone number.