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 (tăn′ĭst, thô′nĭst)
The heir apparent to an ancient Celtic chief, elected during the chief's lifetime.

[Irish Gaelic tánaiste, second, tanist, from Old Irish tánaise; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

tan′ist·ry n.
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(Historical Terms) history the heir apparent of a Celtic chieftain chosen by election during the chief's lifetime: usually the worthiest of his kin
[C16: from Irish Gaelic tánaiste, literally: the second person]
ˈtanistry n
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(ˈtæn ɪst, ˈθɔ nɪst)

the heir apparent to an ancient Celtic chief, elected by the tribe during the chief's lifetime.
[1530–40; < Irish tánaiste second, substitute, tanist]
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ONE RIDE, ONE WIN Punters who noted Daryl Jacob was at Worcester just to partner Sheila Tanist were rewarded with a 4-1 winner as the mare landed the 2m novice hurdle.
WORCESTER: 5.00 Fit For Fifty, 5.30 Theo, 6.00 Forever Field, 6.30 Carntop, 7.00 Oscar Hoof, 7.30 Sheila Tanist, 8.00 His Dream.
The names of other Welsh Greyhound Derby winners such as Trev's Perfection (1947), Ballylanigan Tanist (1951), Endless Gossip (1952), Rushton Mac (1955) and Mile Bush Pride (1959) will be music to the ears of greyhound racing fans.
gununde incelenen faktorler icin lojistik regresyon analizi uygulandiginda; sekonder infeksiyon gelisimi icin risk faktorleri olarak sanral venoz kateter bulunmasi (odds orani [ORJ, 3.01; P < 0.001), altta yatan hastahk olarak Akut Myeloid Losemi (AML) olmast (OR, 2.12; P = 0.008), diare olmasi (OR, 4.59; P = 0.005) ve ilk atakta invazif aspergilloz (IA) tanist bulunmasi (OR, 3.96; P = 0.009) belirlemnistir.
Much of this chapter's argument focuses on the play's repression of the tanist tradition of medieval Scottish clans in which the king names a successor who must derive from a competing royal line, not a son from the monarch's own clan.
MN mummeries / nunneries MR madam / radar MT manism / tanist MW momser / wowser MY mama / yaya MP mammiferous / pappiferous MS maim / sals MV mimer / viver MX Merom (IN) / Xerox MZ bumming / buzzing
At its most basic, however, the case revolved around the question of which of two competing titles to a particular piece of land was better: that of the plaintiff, derived from the title of the tanist, or that of the defendant, derived from the title of the heir at common law.
Furthermore, Macbeth's sin "is one of regicide and usurpation, and it is important to note that the basis for the charge of usurpation is simply the lineal and direct succession due to Malcolm" (448), who is--Echeruo implies--clearly beyond the age of an incapable minor needing a tanist protectorate ruler.
Cushing hastaligi on tanist olan hastalara operasyondan Once Cushing protokolu baslandi ve operasyon sonrasindaki donemde 4 gun sure ile devam edildi.