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 (tăn′ĭst, thô′nĭst)
The heir apparent to an ancient Celtic chief, elected during the chief's lifetime.

[Irish Gaelic tánaiste, second, tanist, from Old Irish tánaise; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

tan′ist·ry n.


an early Irish rule of succession in which the successor to a Celtic chief was chosen from among eligible males during the chief’s lifetime. — tanist, n.
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law promulgated since the tanistry decision of 1608.
The author takes up such matters as affinity with the steppe rulers, clothing, the practice of levirate, "barbarian" child names, and the influence of blood tanistry in imperial successions.
Regardless of cause, pastoralism offered proof to England of Irish national inferiority, while the creaght and tanistry traditions of cattle-raiding and "elective succession from among eligible males" (15) respectively, and preference for the brehon legal system over English inheritance and legal practices, further enshrined these judgments.
Potthoff was president and chief executive officer of Tanistry, Inc.
Tenemos que recordar que, antes de que Odoacro devolviera a Constantinopla las insignias imperiales de Occidente en el ano 476, y los lejanos augustos de Oriente decidieran confiar legalmente en los reges barbaros para que actuaran como una suerte de rectores provinciae y se encargaran de la cuestion defensiva y del mantenimiento del orden en colaboracion con la antigua aristocracia senatorial (7), los Emperadores de Occidente habian debido llegar a un acuerdo sobre quien ostentaria la autoridad militar (regnum) sobre los soldados barbaros; y parece que, en varios casos, se recurrio a la costumbre del tanistry (8).
The collection opens with commentary on good and bad interpreters of texts, Plautus's Trinummus, images of patriarchal power from Ariosto to Tasso, property and inheritance in the Renaissance novella, ideologies in Davies's report on the case of Tanistry, As You Like It and Macbeth in their comments on patrimony, Ben Jonson's dramas, Middletons' Chaste Maid, de La Perriere's intellectual path, Montaigne's sentimental bonds and Pound's bounds of dominium.
When Duncan spurns tanistry by naming Malcolm as his successor, he gives Macbeth the missing motive for regicide.
Since Time Immemorial': A Story of Common Law Jurisdiction, Native Title, and the Case of Tanistry.
In the Irish mode of tanistry, where chieftains are born and made, and fantasy often turns to reality, there is still the dream of a Kennedy succession--of a man or woman the likes of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend or her brother Joe Kennedy or Patrick Kennedy or another of the kin stepping up to size up Excalibur and challenge the nation to keep the faith, to resurrect the vision of yet another Golden Age.
46) The interpretation here, therefore, derives as much from Davies' argument in the Case of Tanistry as from the Introduction to his Irish Reports--the text that was foundational to Pocock's original interpretation of the "Common Law Mind.
Kittredge apparently bases his understanding of the process for transferring the Scottish crown operative in Shakespeare's play upon the Scottish code of tanistry that some commentators have claimed is relevant to the interpretation of Macbeth.
4) To illustrate my argument I focus on the following issues: the law in Ireland, tanistry, and Irish degeneracy.