tank circuit

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Noun1.tank circuit - an oscillatory circuit
circuit, electric circuit, electrical circuit - an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow
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The 1,300 sq m plant will manufacture a range of high-voltage switchgear and equipment such as live tank circuit breakers and disconnectors.
Also, negative non-Foster impedances are not absolutely stable circuits which could be a serious problem in practical application; the stability of negative impedances in several circuits was analyzed, including series C-C tank circuit, parallel C-C tank circuit, and series- parallel C-C tank circuit [14,19].
First, the current LC tank circuit ([i.sub.L]) which is equal to the current of the lamp ([i.sub.la]), and flows through the Mosfet in the SRI, can be obtained considering (3).
In proximity-sensing solutions, the LC tank circuit is used to detect whether a metallic object is in proximity to the magnetic flux generated by the inductive component.
This formula shows the benefit of metamaterials; for an open-circuit zeroth-order resonant antenna, the unloaded Q is dependent only on the loss in the shunt LC tank, not on the loss in the series tank circuit because the radiation efficiency is inversely proportional to the Q factor.
The losses across the tank circuit can be determine either by using the relation [R.sub.L] = Q[[omega].sub.o]L (where Q is the quality factor of the tank and is almost equal to the quality factor of L) or by AC simulation of the tank circuit.
This converter operates at mains frequency (50 or 60 Hz) and includes capacitor and inductor in resonant tank circuit. As the voltage of welding arc is relatively low this yields in a very large resonant capacitor that is the main drawback of given topology.
The crushers are presently working to produce a surplus of crushed stocks for the commencement of wet commissioning for the Three Mile Hill gold plant in December.Currently also undergoing wet commissioning is the leach tank circuit with water being pumped through all tanks, pumps and piping systems.
The voltage and current are forced to pass through zero crossing by creating an LC resonant tank circuit; there by called resonant converters.