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a. The act or process of putting or storing in a tank.
b. The amount that a tank can hold.
c. A fee for tank storage.
2. Animal residues that remain after rendering fat in a slaughterhouse, used for fertilizer or feed.
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1. the capacity or contents of a tank or tanks
2. the act of storing in a tank or tanks, or a fee charged for such storage
3. (Agriculture) agriculture
a. fertilizer consisting of the dried and ground residues of animal carcasses
b. a protein supplement feed for livestock
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(ˈtæŋ kɪdʒ)

1. the capacity of a tank or tanks.
2. the act or process of storing liquid in a tank.
3. the fee for such storage.
4. the residue from tanks in which animal carcasses have been steamed and the fat rendered, used as a fertilizer.
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 tanks collectively, 1866; a provision or system of storage tanks.
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Noun1.tankage - the quantity contained in (or the capacity of) a tank or tanks
indefinite quantity - an estimated quantity
2.tankage - the charge for storing something in tanks
charge - the price charged for some article or service; "the admission charge"
3.tankage - the act of storing in tanks
storage - the commercial enterprise of storing goods and materials
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(= storage capacity of tank)Fassungsvermögen nt
(= storage fee)Gebühr ffür Lagerung (in einem Tank); (= storage)Lagerung f (in einem Tank)
(Agr: = meat and bone meal) → Tierkörpermehl nt (als Dünger oder Futtermittelzusatz)
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To this part of the yards came all the "tankage" and the waste products of all sorts; here they dried out the bones,--and in suffocating cellars where the daylight never came you might see men and women and children bending over whirling machines and sawing bits of bone into all sorts of shapes, breathing their lungs full of the fine dust, and doomed to die, every one of them, within a certain definite time.
On top of this were the rooms where they dried the "tankage," the mass of brown stringy stuff that was left after the waste portions of the carcasses had had the lard and tallow dried out of them.
Some of them feed what is called tankage. If old Dorcas could have had some of that she probably would not have eaten the little pig.
The board's green-light was received for 30,000 cu m of tankage capacity together with the required ancillary equipment and facilities, OOMCO recently noted in a filing to the Capital Market Authority (CMA), added the Oman Daily Observer report.
The terminals receive clean products through connections with Colonial and Plantation pipelines and have tankage of approximately 520,000 barrels.
The 110-mile, 12-inch pipeline originates at the RIO State Line Terminal in Loving County, TX, a gathering hub at the Texas-New Mexico border in the heart of the Delaware Basin, with tankage and truck unloading facilities.
Hascol Petroleum Limited (HPL) has secured five acres of land in the Oil Village at Thalian in Rawalpindi to construct 10,000 MT tankage expected to be completed by 2017.
(NYSE: HEP) has acquired crude oil tankage located at HollyFrontier Corp.'s (NYSE: HFC) Tulsa refinery from an affiliate of Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.
It also executed the supporting infrastructure and facilities that include SBM for crude unloading, product jetty for refinery product export, a tank farm with total tankage of 3 million cubic metres for crude, products and intermediate and 77 MW of captive power plant.
CEO - pipeline & tankage of Punj Llyod, Atul Jain, said: "With this new order in Kuwait, we will play an important role in enhancing the storage and loading capacity of fuel at the Ahmadi Depot, which is one of the two depots owned and operated by Kuwait National Petroleum Company."
The photo at right depicts some of the brewery's new tankage, fabricated by Spokane Industries.
The company has increased tankage space for gasoline in its Kemari port in Karachi by 15,000 tonnes to satisfy increased domestic demand.