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a. The act or process of putting or storing in a tank.
b. The amount that a tank can hold.
c. A fee for tank storage.
2. Animal residues that remain after rendering fat in a slaughterhouse, used for fertilizer or feed.


1. the capacity or contents of a tank or tanks
2. the act of storing in a tank or tanks, or a fee charged for such storage
3. (Agriculture) agriculture
a. fertilizer consisting of the dried and ground residues of animal carcasses
b. a protein supplement feed for livestock


(ˈtæŋ kɪdʒ)

1. the capacity of a tank or tanks.
2. the act or process of storing liquid in a tank.
3. the fee for such storage.
4. the residue from tanks in which animal carcasses have been steamed and the fat rendered, used as a fertilizer.


 tanks collectively, 1866; a provision or system of storage tanks.
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Noun1.tankage - the quantity contained in (or the capacity of) a tank or tanks
indefinite quantity - an estimated quantity
2.tankage - the charge for storing something in tanks
charge - the price charged for some article or service; "the admission charge"
3.tankage - the act of storing in tanks
storage - the commercial enterprise of storing goods and materials


(= storage capacity of tank)Fassungsvermögen nt
(= storage fee)Gebühr ffür Lagerung (in einem Tank); (= storage)Lagerung f (in einem Tank)
(Agr: = meat and bone meal) → Tierkörpermehl nt (als Dünger oder Futtermittelzusatz)
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