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a. A large, often metallic container for holding or storing liquids or gases.
b. The amount that this container can hold: buy a tank of gas.
2. A usually artificial pool, pond, reservoir, or cistern, especially one used to hold water for drinking or for irrigation.
3. A usually glass-walled container in which live fish, reptiles, or other animals are kept.
4. An enclosed, heavily armored combat vehicle that is armed with cannon and machine guns and moves on continuous tracks.
5. A tank top.
6. Slang A jail or jail cell.
v. tanked, tank·ing, tanks
To place, store, or process in a tank.
Informal To suffer a sudden decline or failure: The stock market tanked yesterday.
Phrasal Verb:
tank up
1. Slang To drink to the point of intoxication.
2. To fill the tank of a motor vehicle with gasoline.
in the tank
1. In reserve: a runner who didn't have enough in the tank to hold the lead.
2. In a state of decline or failure: Stocks have been in the tank for months.
3. Enthusiastically partial; strongly favoring: a reporter accused of being in the tank for a candidate.

[Partly from an Indic source such as Gujarati ṭāṃkhī, cistern, and ṭāṃkhī,ṃ, reservoir, or Marathi ṭāṃkeṃ, cistern, reservoir (all from Prakrit ṭaṅka, ditch, reservoir, of unknown origin) and partly from Portuguese tanque, reservoir (variant of estanque, from estancar, to dam up, from Vulgar Latin *stanticāre; see stanch1). Noun, sense 4, from the fact that in WWI the British army tried to conceal the development and transport of such armored vehicles by referring to them as water tanks in documents and communications.]

tank′ful′ (-fo͝ol′) n.
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(ˈtæŋk fʊl)

n., pl. -fuls.
the amount a tank can hold.
usage: See -ful.
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Noun1.tankful - as much as a tank will hold
containerful - the quantity that a container will hold
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[ˈtæŋkfʊl] Ntanque m
to get a tankful of petrolllenar el depósito de gasolina
a tankful is 25 litresla capacidad del depósito es de 25 litros
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Tank m(voll)
(Brit inf: = drink) he’s had a tankfulder ist total voll (inf)
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[ˈtæŋkfʊl] n a tankful of wateruna cisterna (piena) d'acqua
to pay for a tankful of petrol (for car) → pagare per un pieno (di benzina)
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"Earlier we were paying Rs 250-Rs 300 to get tankful of CNG, but for the past three days, the cost has gone up to Rs 500-Rs 550," said an auto rickshaw driver.
If he is up to it, he can take the Philippine flag to the now Chinese-occupied Subi Reef, 26 kilometers away from Pag-asa-a jetski-able distance on a tankful of gas, even for an old macho man.
Upon learning I had a tankful of bad gas she not only made sure the problem got fixed but she also helped me gather the information and fill out the forms to request a reimbursement from the gas station in Salem.
In those eight years they have fitted over 10,000 solar panels, including at more than 100 farms including Kilford Farm, near Denbigh, where 370 dairy cows produce 4,500 litres from each milking which has to be cooled and stored at 3-5degC in a giant tank to await collection and after each milking session the 300ft of pipes have to be sluiced clean with a tankful of water heated, to 85degC.
(CPI), marketer of Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants, notes that TechronD Concentrateis a premium diesel fuel additive that deep cleans in one tankful. It cleans diesel injector deposits across a range of injector technologies and comes with Cetane Improver.
Is it any surprise then that we motorists prefer our current vehicles on petrol or diesel which can travel some 300 miles on a tankful and have the benefit of knowing that there will be a lot more refuelling opportunities should one become necessary?
There's more - a tankful of diesel will take you 700 miles between refills and the trip computer showed 51mpg as the fuel gauge nudged into the red.
Well, PS1 pays for your finance deposit, another PS1 pays for up to three years servicing and the final PS1 gives you a tankful of fuel.
(This was at a time when you could get almost a tankful for that kind of money, and you didn't pump it yourself.) Before paying, I casually suggested to the attendant that he "just take a look under the hood."
This allows a driving range of more than 600 miles for a single tankful. With its high stance - and excellent ground clearance - there's inevitably some body roll but it is well controlled, and twists and turns are negotiated with ample poise.