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Containing or yielding tannin.
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Similar to the present study, increased N retention in sheep and goats given tanniferous feeds at modest levels due to lowered N excretion through urine has been reported earlier by several workers [2,3,28].
4] emission was reduced significantly by including tanniferous legumes [41].
Laboratory Manual for the FAO/IAEA Co-coordinated Research Project on "Use of Nuclear and Related Techniques to Develop Simple Tannin Assays for Predicting and Improving the Safety and Efficiency of Feeding Ruminants on Tanniferous Tree Foliage".
Sclerenchyma bands with associated brachysclerids run longitudinally through the mesocarp and a layer of tanniferous cells internal to the endocarp (Fig.
This is consistent with additional anatomical characters that support a close relationship between Aristolochia and Holostylis (Solereder, 1889a; Carlquist, 1993) especially the presence of idioblasts filled with brown, tanniferous material in Holostylis (Solereder, 1889a) and at least in one species of its sister group such as A.
Chemistry: usually producing iridoids or alkaloids or both, as well as cardioglycosides, not strongly tanniferous, seldom cyanogenic or saponiferous, various calcium oxalate crystals present in some parenchymatous tissue cells.
Another interesting property of these tanniferous browse is, most of them are medicinal plants and that may attributed to their presumed antimicrobial properties.
The increase in milk fat of CT supplemented cows is also supported by the observations of local farmers that dairy cows fed tanniferous leaves produce more butter.
contortus parasites with the strategic use of tanniferous tree leaves, which otherwise remain under-utilized as animal feed.
Therefore, the hypothesis was tested that the tanniferous forage sainfoin, given as hay, has an advantage over a typical grass hay in counterbalancing the limitations young pasture grass has in dairy cows with respect to N metabolism, ruminal pH, and chewing behavior.