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At full gallop; at top speed.
n. pl. tan·tiv·ies
1. A hunting cry.
2. A fast, furious gallop; top speed.

[Origin unknown.]
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at full speed; rapidly
npl -tivies
(Hunting) a hunting cry, esp at full gallop
(Hunting) a hunting cry, esp at full gallop
[C17: perhaps imitative of galloping hooves]
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(tænˈtɪv i)

adv., n., pl. -tiv•ies. adv.
1. at full gallop.
2. a gallop; rush.
[1635–45; orig. uncertain]
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As I sit at my window this summer afternoon, hawks are circling about my clearing; the tantivy of wild pigeons, flying by two and threes athwart my view, or perching restless on the white pine boughs behind my house, gives a voice to the air; a fish hawk dimples the glassy surface of the pond and brings up a fish; a mink steals out of the marsh before my door and seizes a frog by the shore; the sedge is bending under the weight of the reed-birds flitting hither and thither; and for the last half-hour I have heard the rattle of railroad cars, now dying away and then reviving like the beat of a partridge, conveying travellers from Boston to the country.
"Let the steam-pot hiss till it's hot; Give me the speed of the Tantivy trot." Coaching Song, by R.E.E.
When you are ready, I am--need I say with a Hey Ho Chivey, and likewise with a Hark Forward, Hark Forward, Tantivy?'
(19) Tony Thomas, 'Sam Wood', in Clive Denton, Kingsley Canham & Tony Thomas, The Hollywood Professionals Volume 2: Henry King, Lewis Milestone, Sam Wood, Tantivy Press, London, 1974, p.
We started at the pretty gateway town of Dulverton where we found The Tantivy - a great place to pick up picnic supplies from more friendly locals ("Oh wow, and you're staying at the Swan?" etc).
Interwar Britain saw the creation of operas like Albert Coates's Pickwick (1936), which includes a "cricket fugue", and two operettas written by Alan Herbert: Tantivy Towers (1931), with music by Thomas Dunhill, and Derby Day (1932), with music by Alfred Reynolds.
recently Tantivy (2012) and The Bitter Withy (2009), both from Alice
Oblivious to the cause of Roberts flight, Dan removes Trot's glasses and scratches Trots wig in confusion, then invites Tantivy, the Coffie's cat, to take advantage of the free meal.
Speaight, A history of the circus, Tantivy Press, London, 1980, p.
(72) The Phanatick in His Colours Being a Full and Final Character of a Whig : in a Dialogue Between Tory and Tantivy (London, 1681).
(15) John Baxter, Science Fiction in the Cinema (London: Tantivy Press, 1970).