tap dancer

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tap dance

A dance in which the dancer clicks metal taps fixed to the heels and toes of the shoes in rhythm against the floor.

tap′-dance′ v.
tap dancer n.
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Noun1.tap dancer - a dancer who sounds out rhythms by using metal taps on the toes and heels of the shoestap dancer - a dancer who sounds out rhythms by using metal taps on the toes and heels of the shoes
dancer, professional dancer, terpsichorean - a performer who dances professionally
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As Queequeg and I are now fairly embarked in this business of whaling; and as this business of whaling has somehow come to be regarded among landsmen as a rather unpoetical and disreputable pursuit; therefore, I am all anxiety to convince ye, ye landsmen, of the injustice hereby done to us hunters of whales.
A great poet, a really great poet, is the most unpoetical of all creatures.
For purposes of euphony, however, without which the lines would be harsh and unpoetical, I have invariably made two syllables of them.
Well, the Government has seized all this in effect, and will yet seize it in rigid and unpoetical reality, no doubt.
was Joe's unpoetical change of tune, at last, for the keen, open air had mightily sharpened his appetite.
He draws the material of his figures of speech from highly unpoetical sources--partly from the activities of every-day life, but especially from all the sciences and school-knowledge of the time.
And we must beg Homer and the other poets not to be angry if we strike out these and similar passages, not because they are unpoetical, or unattractive to the popular ear, but because the greater the poetical charm of them, the less are they meet for the ears of boys and men who are meant to be free, and who should fear slavery more than death.
The rain he finally attributed to the stars, the moon, and the sun; but his hypothesis was entirely unlovely and unpoetical.
There may be six musicians playing right behind her, but in "Evolution of Tap Dance," a viral video from music group Postmodern Jukebox, tap dancer Sarah Reich is clearly the bandleader.
Second prize was given to tap dancer Nicole Marie Fowler from Born 2 Perform Stage School in Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan, and third prize was awarded to Kildare's Daniel Sinclair from Stage Academy Newbridge.
Not many people know this, but I used to be a tap dancer.
The tour -- an all-female variety show featuring tap dancing, burlesque, singing and comedy -- brings together an eclectic combination of artists, including tap dancer Kristen Minsky, comedic musical songstress Sarah Egress, burlesque dancer Eyre Twylite and "Queen of the Sideshow'' Reggie Bugmuncher.