tape down


w>tape down

vt sep(mit Kleb(e)streifen/Klebeband) festkleben
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Cut off or tape down the 24-inch flaps from the original brooder (the third box won't require any tape).
Last Sunday's article mentioned the store's familiar yellow and black masking tape on its well-trodden floors, with store manager Ian Ross saying: "The day I have to stop putting tape down will be a happy day." But Kathryn says: "In my opinion, it adds to the history!
The batsman was seemingly carrying out instructions when he was seen tampering with the ball in the field, sheepishly placing the tape down his trousers after being spotted.
Handscomb then went on to the field to have a chat with Bancroft, who later shoved the tape down his trousers.
Bancroft attempted, after speaking to 12th man Peter Handscomb, to hide the tape down his trousers but the video evidence was clear and he was charged by the match officials after play finished on day three in Cape Town.
Tape down the corner of the throw rug so you don't catch your toe.
Unzip the zipper two-thirds of the way; tape down the open zipper end.
"The truth is that leaving the EU's customs union and single market will bring a deluge of new Brexit red tape down on the heads of British businesses who export to the continent."
For remodeling projects, tape down two or more layers.
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