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tr.v. tape-re·cord·ed, tape-re·cord·ing, tape-re·cords
To record on magnetic tape.
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Adj.1.tape-recorded - recorded on tape
recorded - set down or registered in a permanent form especially on film or tape for reproduction; "recorded music"
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The judge cited the failure of the prosecution to formally offer as evidence the tape-recorded remarks of Torralba in his radio program that he saw the Lim brothers having dinner with the then top official of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in 2005 while an investigation was conducted against them over their alleged involvement in illegal drugs.
While she relaxed on a couch and sang 20 old standards, with Billy Stritch playing the keyboard, Roberts tape-recorded the session.
Julie Kenyon, who confessed to the murder of her grandmother in a conversation secretly tape-recorded by another sister, lost her appeal against conviction.
Pensioner David Henton was last week cleared of murdering his partner Joyce Sutton after his lawyers argued that a tape-recorded confession he supposedly made to his cats was inaudible.
These responses, substantially tape-recorded, are in alphabetical order, based on the pseudonym given to each respondent, grouped under female and male respectively.
This instruction is appropriate immediately prior to the jury hearing a tape-recorded conversation in a foreign language if the accuracy of the translation is an issue.
"I actually tape-recorded myself tap dancing to a poem by Walt Whitman," says Dorrance.
In order to capture the full essence of the interviews, the sessions were tape-recorded. The taped recorded sessions were transcribed into textual data.
He directed copies of the tape-recorded interview be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Chairman of the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice as an 'example of what we hope we shall never hear again in this court'.
His friend Ekwueme Michael Thelwell edited the many tape-recorded collections that Carmichael left.
If any one composition sets the precedent for their practice, it would have to be John Cage's Williams Mix from 1952-53, a chaotic accumulation of tape-recorded sounds, evenly distributed between the artificial and the organic and spliced together by hand.
She tape-recorded the claims of former valet George Smith as "insurance" in case of a custody battle over her sons.