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a. A continuous narrow, flexible strip of cloth, metal, paper, or plastic, such as adhesive tape, magnetic tape, or ticker tape.
b. A narrow strip of strong woven fabric, as that used in sewing or bookbinding.
c. A string stretched across the finish line of a racetrack to be broken by the winner.
a. A length, reel, or cassette of magnetic tape.
b. A recording made on magnetic tape.
3. A tape measure.
v. taped, tap·ing, tapes
1. To fasten, secure, strengthen, or wrap with a tape: taped the box so that it wouldn't fall apart.
2. To record (sounds or pictures) on magnetic tape or other electronic storage medium: The reporter taped the interview.
3. To measure with a tape measure.
To make a recording on magnetic tape or other electronic storage medium.

[Middle English, strip of cloth, from Old English *tæppe or *tæppa (attested only in the plural tæppan).]

tape′a·ble adj.
tape′less adj.
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without tape
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"Unlike Europe and the US where the media industry has existed for decades, post-production processes which were once cumbersome, the industry here leap-frogged all that evolution and allowed us to create a completely tapeless, non-linear world," McLysaght said.
MOG and Adobe have collaborated since 2012 to accelerate media workflows and create future-proof tapeless broadcasting infrastructures, both for SD and HD environments.
Its technology lineup includes the Inertia Compensated Dancer, a Rolling Sheer Splice Unit, Lift and Load In-Aisle Roll Loading, Ring-O Bearing for Spooled Unwinding, AirNertia Idler Rollers, MDR Idler Rollers and Tapeless Lap and Butt Splicers.
To balance the needs between capacity, capability and advanced protection, KFH selected Dell EMC solution to start its journey toward tapeless solutions by expanding the existing Dell EMC backup to disk solution.
The winder is available with a tapeless static knife or patented stationary-knife automatic-transfer system, and shafted or shaftless operation.
Another change in this 'transition to IP' has been the migration to tapeless. Here, tape-based workflows have been replaced by faster-than-real-time file-based operations.
EditShare is a technology specialist in networked shared storage and tapeless, end-to-end workflow solutions for the post-production, TV and film industries.
Additional features include: touch screen operator interface; tapeless splicing via heat seal butt splicing mechanism; driven unwind shafts for light tension; industry standard PLC control; modular construction for left or right hand web exit; and cantilevered roll loading with outboard support when running.
Today, digital tapeless processes have replaced the need for these options.
A statement said EMC's "next generation data protection solutions" will give Bapco the benefits of a centralised, tapeless backup environment to effectively manage future growth and to create enterprise-ready, agile and highly scalable data protection architecture.
During the last 20+ years, Luminex has been at the forefront of implementing enterprise-class, tapeless solutions that replicate tape data between production and remote disaster recovery sites for improving DR preparedness.