tapering off

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Adj.1.tapering off - gradually decreasing until little remains
decreasing - becoming less or smaller
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Here, there shot up, almost perpendicularly, into the sky, a height so steep, as to be hardly accessible to any but the sheep and goats that fed upon its sides, and there, stood a mound of green, sloping and tapering off so delicately, and merging so gently into the level ground, that you could scarce define its limits.
KUWAIT, Aug 18 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah held talks on Sunday with his Iranian opposite number Mohammad Javad Zarif on a host of issues namely means of tapering off tension in the Gulf region.
Conservative Life Cycle Fund with maximum exposure to equity capped at 25 percent at the age of 35 years and tapering off thereafter (LC-25).
Fernandez said Pacquiao should begin tapering off next Wednesday.
Decreasing temperatures, with rain in most areas turning into snow this evening and night, but from west the precipitations will be tapering off. In North Bulgaria day temperatures will remain nearly unchanged close to zero degrees, while in the southern regions they will fall to nearly 0A[degrees]C at about 2.00 pm.
De Leon noted that domestic inflation was tapering off, while the US Federal Reserve was less hawkish given trade tensions with China and expectations of slower global growth such that the Fed was seen also taking a pause from a rate hike when it meets on Dec.
Malaysian palm oil production is forecast to rise in the last quarter of the year in line with the seasonal trend before tapering off early next year.