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n. pl. tap·es·tries
a. A heavy cloth woven with rich, often varicolored designs or scenes, usually hung on walls for decoration and sometimes used to cover furniture.
b. A cloth embroidered with designs or scenes, especially one made in the Middle Ages.
2. Something felt to resemble a richly and complexly designed cloth: the tapestry of world history.
tr.v. tap·es·tried (-ĭ-strēd), tap·es·try·ing, tap·es·tries (-ĭ-strēz)
1. To hang or decorate with tapestry.
2. To make, weave, or depict in a tapestry.

[Middle English tapiceri, tapstri, from Old French tapisserie, from tapisser, to cover with carpet, from tapis, carpet, from Greek tapētion, diminutive of tapēs, perhaps of Iranian origin.]


(ˈtæp ə strid)

1. furnished or covered with tapestries.
2. represented in tapestry, as a story.
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Adj.1.tapestried - hung or decorated with tapestry
adorned, decorated - provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction
References in classic literature ?
He entered the accustomed room, and looked around him on its books, its windows, its fireplace, and the tapestried comfort of the walls, with the same perception of strangeness that had haunted him throughout his walk from the forest dell into the town and thitherward.
Rochester's master-key, admitted us to the tapestried room, with its great bed and its pictorial cabinet.
Every morning she awoke in her tapestried room and found Martha kneeling upon the hearth building her fire; every morning she ate her breakfast in the nursery which had nothing amusing in it; and after each breakfast she gazed out of the window across to the huge moor which seemed to spread out on all sides and climb up to the sky, and after she had stared for a while she realized that if she did not go out she would have to stay in and do nothing--and so she went out.