tapeworm infection

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Noun1.tapeworm infection - intestinal infection by a species of parasitic tapeworm; usually the result of eating inadequately cooked meat or fish
infection - the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms
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A survey identified tapeworm infection in 59 of 200 local schoolchildren (19).
Free-roaming dogs with heavy lice or flea loads and those have access to freshly killed wild or domestic animals are at increased risk of developing tapeworm infection.
INTRODUCTION: Human tapeworm infection caused due to Taenia solium, is endemic in those areas where uncooked/semi cooked pork is consumed or where there is not practices for hand washing.
Lift her tail and check for tapeworm infection, which will appear as rice-like segments stuck in the hair.
An average of 800-900 cases of tapeworm infection are registered in Bulgaria each year.
Washington, June 18 (ANI): A mice study has suggested that a compound that for about 60 years has been used as a drug against tapeworm infection is also apparently effective against colon cancer metastasis.
This is the best way to prevent flea-allergy dermatitis and tapeworm infection.
Tapeworm infection could be a serious problem specially if the birds are allowed free on the range as normally practiced in small animal production systems.
The prevalence rate (infection rate) of tapeworm infection in foxes varies according to regional conditions (Romig et al.
He said that the wastewater is also used for vegetation irrigation which is probably a main source of roundworm and tapeworm infection.
Albendazole has an extended spectrum against tapeworm infection and is therefore the drug of choice in mixed infestation.
Multivariable logistic (prevalence) and linear (abundance) regression analyses for liver tapeworm infection did not result in significant final models that fit the data and therefore are not presented.