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1. The study of the events and processes, such as burial in sediment, transportation, and decomposition, that affect the remains of an organism after it dies.
2. These events and processes, especially those leading up to preservation or fossilization.

[Greek taphē, grave + -nomy.]

taph′o·nom′ic (tăf′ə-nŏm′ĭk) adj.
ta·phon′o·mist n.
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(Palaeontology) the study of the processes affecting an organism after death that result in its fossilization
[C20: from Greek taphos grave + -nomy]
taphonomic, ˌtaphoˈnomical adj
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(təˈfɒn ə mi)

1. the circumstances and processes of fossilization.
2. the study of the environmental conditions affecting fossilization.
[1965–70; < Greek táph(ē) grave + -o- + -nomy]
taph•o•nom•ic (ˌtæf əˈnɒm ɪk) adj.
ta•phon′o•mist, n.
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A deep taphonomic study of these fossils is out of the scope of this project and should be adressed by future studies.
Assemblages vary based on recovery context and taphonomic conditions affecting the associated elements, and the various individuating methods can provide different estimates.
These specimens provide additional documentation of a taxon with a relatively sparse fossil record and, more importantly, provide paleoecologic and taphonomic information not presented in the initial description.
The aim of this article is to present a taphonomic analysis of the diet and damage related to digestion in the Eurasian eagle owl in the south of France.
These studies can lead to bias environmental interpretations because after death foraminiferal tests are exposed to taphonomic processes, such as transport, breaking and dissolving of carbonates.
Oyster shell falls prey to a range of taphonomic depredations, the principal ones being dissolution (Frerotte et al.
Bad Bacon: A Taphonomic Experiment in Central Michigan.
Analysis of fragmentation patterns, element survival percentages, cut marks, intact skeletal articulations, and placement of human remains within the tomb is vital for evaluating how both interment practices and taphonomic processes have affected burial forms.
The taphonomic record of Upper Siwaliks (Pinjor stage) landscapes in the Pabbi Hills, northern Pakistan, with consideration regarding the preservation of hominin remains.
The taphonomic record of Upper Siwalik (Pinjor stage) landscapes in the Pabbi Hills, northern Pakistan, with consideration regarding the preservation of hominin remains.