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a. A continuous narrow, flexible strip of cloth, metal, paper, or plastic, such as adhesive tape, magnetic tape, or ticker tape.
b. A narrow strip of strong woven fabric, as that used in sewing or bookbinding.
c. A string stretched across the finish line of a racetrack to be broken by the winner.
a. A length, reel, or cassette of magnetic tape.
b. A recording made on magnetic tape.
3. A tape measure.
v. taped, tap·ing, tapes
1. To fasten, secure, strengthen, or wrap with a tape: taped the box so that it wouldn't fall apart.
2. To record (sounds or pictures) on magnetic tape or other electronic storage medium: The reporter taped the interview.
3. To measure with a tape measure.
To make a recording on magnetic tape or other electronic storage medium.

[Middle English, strip of cloth, from Old English *tæppe or *tæppa (attested only in the plural tæppan).]

tape′a·ble adj.
tape′less adj.
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Noun1.taping - a recording made on magnetic tapetaping - a recording made on magnetic tape; "the several recordings were combined on a master tape"
audiotape - a tape recording of sound
recording - a storage device on which information (sounds or images) have been recorded
videotape - a video recording made on magnetic tape


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Actor Donald Glover claimed that his then-co-star Chevy Chase made racist comments toward him during tapings of the comedy sitcom "Community.
I can do all my schedules like tapings and out-of-town shows easier," said the "Ngiti" singer.
She likes bringing her own people and clothes to shoots and/or tapings because she says 'they know me best.
Tenders are invited for Measuring of portable flow of water at different location tapings under the command of Chandrawal Water Works.
He also added that Herzog was "medically supervised the entire time he was involved with tapings of Dr.
I entered show biz when I was 15 and I became very busy with tapings and shoots back then but I still tried my best to finish HS [high school].
Synopsis: Television shows like Friends, Full House, and Growing Pains might take only 20 minutes to air, but tapings frequently last several hours.
The investigation was reviewed in 2015 and we submitted fibre tapings used to capture evidence on the victim's clothing at the time for testing using the latest forensic techniques.
The message, lest attendees to live tapings forget, serves as a reminder that the show they are about to view is in fact a "fake" news program that employs the cloak of satire to form its voice: This isn't "real" news, remember, but neither is "real" news.
The jail tapings were authorized by then-District Attorney Doug Harcleroad, and a judge allowed investigators to seize Hale's statements from the tape as part of their search for evidence in the case.
On this week's edition of WFAA-TV's Inside Texas Politics with host Jason Whitely, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy and Tribune Executive Editor Ross Ramsey, talk turns to the shootout in Waco and its effect on the open carry debate; the not-so-secret tapings of state lawmakers; and on Memorial Day weekend, the question: Is military service no longer necessary to win political office?