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tap 1

v. tapped, tap·ping, taps
1. To strike gently with a light blow or blows: I tapped you on the shoulder to get your attention.
2. To give a light rap with: tap a pencil.
3. To produce with a succession of light blows: tap out a rhythm.
4. To select, as for membership in an organization; designate. See Synonyms at appoint.
a. To repair (shoe heels or toes) by applying a thin layer of leather or a substitute material.
b. To attach metal plates to (shoe toes or heels).
1. To deliver a gentle, light blow or blows.
2. To walk making light clicks.
3. To tap-dance.
a. A gentle blow.
b. The sound made by such a blow.
a. A thin layer of leather or a substitute applied to a worn-down shoe heel or toe.
b. A metal plate attached to the toe or heel of a shoe, as for tap-dancing.
c. Tap dance.
3. Linguistics See flap.

[Middle English tappen, from Old French taper, of imitative origin.]

tap 2

1. A valve and spout used to regulate delivery of a fluid at the end of a pipe.
2. A plug for a bunghole; a spigot.
a. Liquor drawn from a spigot.
b. Liquor of a particular brew, cask, or quality.
4. Medicine The removal of fluid from a body cavity: a spinal tap.
5. A tool for cutting an internal screw thread.
6. A makeshift terminal in an electric circuit.
7. A wiretap.
tr.v. tapped, tap·ping, taps
1. To furnish with a spigot or tap.
2. To pierce in order to draw off liquid: tap a maple tree.
3. To draw (liquid) from a vessel or container: tap a new keg of beer.
4. Medicine To withdraw fluid from (a body cavity).
5. To make a physical connection with or open outlets from: tap a water main.
a. To wiretap (a telephone or communications channel).
b. To establish an electric connection in (a power line), as to divert current secretly.
7. To establish access to or a connection with: tapped a new market for inexpensive books.
8. To take advantage of; make use of: tapped voter anger to win the election.
9. To cut screw threads in (a collar, socket, or other fitting).
10. Informal To ask (a person) for money.
Phrasal Verb:
tap into
1. To establish a connection with; have access to: tapped into a new market for their products.
2. To take advantage of: tapped into their enthusiasm to improve the school.
on tap
1. Ready to be drawn; in a tapped cask: beer on tap.
2. Available for immediate use; ready: extra personnel on tap.
3. Scheduled or expected: What's on tap for the weekend?

[Middle English tappe, from Old English tæppa, tapered peg used as a stopper; akin to German Zapfen, pine cone, stopper, and perhaps also to Sanskrit stabakaḥ, bouquet, bunch (perhaps originally referring to a bunch of grass that could be used as a stopper ).]
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Adj.1.tapped - in a condition for letting out liquid drawn out as by piercing or drawing a plug; "latex from tapped rubber trees"
untapped - not subjected to tapping; "an untapped keg"; "an untapped sugar maple"
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The boy's mother tapped her foot nervously upon the hearth rug.
Moore tapped vigorously with his toe--he could not reply in any other way.
He was plainly blind, for he tapped before him with a stick and wore a great green shade over his eyes and nose; and he was hunched, as if with age or weakness, and wore a huge old tattered sea-cloak with a hood that made him appear positively deformed.
She hesitated no longer, but, opening her own door gently, went and tapped on Hetty's.
Mrs Gowan shut up her great green fan, tapped him on the arm with it, and tapped her smiling lips.
Edna tapped her foot impatiently, and wondered why the children persisted in playing in the sun when they might be under the trees.
Something was moving to and fro there, very quietly; every now and then it tapped against the wall, or started on its movements with a faint metallic ringing, like the movements of keys on a split-ring.
Thus much being said, attend now, I pray you, to that marvellous and --in this particular instance --almost fatal operation whereby the Sperm Whale's great Heidelburgh Tun is tapped. Quoin is not a Euclidean term.