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A paste of fish roe, olive oil, lemon juice, and potatoes or moistened bread crumbs.

[Modern Greek taramosaláta : taramás, preserved roe (from Turkish tarama, soft roe, from verbal noun of taramak, to comb, card (wool), apply a finishing process, of Proto-Turkic origin; akin to Old Turkic tarāmaq, to comb, perhaps of Iranian origin and akin to Persian tār, string, cord, thread; see sitar) + saláta, salad (from Italian insalata, from feminine past participle of insalare, to salt : Latin in-, in, on; see in-2 + Vulgar Latin *salāre, to salt, from Latin sāl, salt; see sal).]
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It was a cold mezedes five-dip sampler composed of the usual classic Tzatziki, pine nut Melitzanolalata, Ittipih, Taramosalata and Kalamata Hummus.
Highlights include Ksidato or slow braised octopus, classic Greek dishes such as tzatziki, taramosalata and athinaiki.
Be sure to try the very palatable local wines, (which are also usually the cheapest!) and during your stay you simply must order the traditional 'meze' to try a bit of everything including; tzatziki, taramosalata, gyros, moussaka and souvlaki.
Beginning with Fish soup -- not Bouillabaisse -- with herbs, vegetables and croutons; baby octopus in balsamic with chopped peppers and oregano; Greek spreads at e1/41.70 each, including a home made taramosalata; Smoked salmon and some other simple dishes.
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SAVE: PS1 | |Delphi Taramosalata Dip (170g), Asda, 87p or two for PS1.50.
Delphi Taramosalata Di (170g), Asda, 87p or two for PS1.50.
Taramosalata (cod roe dip) is there, too, at $8, and it's worth having.
From the list of cold platesCA we saw Taramosalata, (caviar spread, $6); melitzanosalata (eggplant dip, $7); and plates with three ($10) or five ($15) items
It was taramosalata, a dip made with fish roe, lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil and topped with dulong and capers.
They include a dazzling array of bite-size items from marinated olives, taramosalata with prawn crackers to sword fish from the wood fired grill.