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also tar·bush  (tär-bo͞osh′)
See fez.

[Modern colloquial Arabic ṭarbūš, perhaps from Spanish traposo, ragged, or trapucho, old rag, worthless item of clothing (perhaps used as a slang term for the tarboosh, the typical male headwear of the Maghreb, by Moriscos who settled in the Maghreb after their expulsion from Spain in the 1600s) , from trapo, rag, from Late Latin drappus, cloth, perhaps of Gaulish origin.]


(tɑːˈbuːʃ) ,




(Clothing & Fashion) a felt or cloth brimless cap resembling the fez, usually red and often with a silk tassel, worn alone or as part of a turban by Muslim men
[C18: from Arabic tarbūsh]


or tar•bush


a tasseled felt or cloth hat resembling a fez, worn by Muslim men.
[1695–1705; < Arabic ṭarbūsh < Ottoman Turkish terposh, probably < Persian sarposh headdress (sar head + pūsh covering), by association with Turkish ter sweat]
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Noun1.tarboosh - a felt cap (usually red) for a mantarboosh - a felt cap (usually red) for a man; shaped like a flat-topped cone with a tassel that hangs from the crown
cap - a tight-fitting headdress
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Just before he was due Athelny routed out an Egyptian tarboosh and insisted on putting it on.
Philip thought it was a severe ordeal that the young man was being exposed to, since Athelny, in his brown velvet jacket, flowing black tie, and red tarboosh, was a startling spectacle for an innocent electrical engineer.
A Turkish officer with an immense plume of feathers (the Janizaries were supposed to be still in existence, and the tarboosh had not as yet displaced the ancient and majestic head-dress of the true believers) was seen couched on a divan, and making believe to puff at a narghile, in which, however, for the sake of the ladies, only a fragrant pastille was allowed to smoke.
One morning the tramp docked at Alexandria, and from the deck he looked at the city, white in the sunlight, and the crowd on the wharf; he saw the natives in their shabby gabardines, the blacks from the Soudan, the noisy throng of Greeks and Italians, the grave Turks in tarbooshes, the sunshine and the blue sky; and something happened to him.
I'm not sure the headgear is a Best bets Jumira Bridge 1.50 Sandown 1pt each-way with firms offering four places Hyanna 2.25 Sandown 1pt each-way Stivers 2.45 Chester 2pts win Tarboosh 3.15 Beverley 1pt each-way Visinari 3.35 Sandown 1pt win coincidence either, as he was shoved along early and looked to be waiting in front at the end last time, so his mettle will be fully tested in a considerably better race off a 5lb higher mark now.
Under Tom Eaves, she went straight up the stands' rail and came home by length and three-quarters from Lady In France (20-1) with Tarboosh (7-2) third.
Amman, June.8 (Petra) - Deputizing for His Majesty King Abdullah II, Royal Hashemite Court Chief Yousef Issawi, offered his condolences over the death of Murad, Rahaf and Yara Imaduddin Abu Tarboosh, who were killed due to inhaling an Insecticide in the southern city of Aqaba.
However, I am always wary of backing a horse on his second start after a long absence and for that reason will take a chance on TARBOOSH who has run well in two starts this season on unfavourably fast ground.
PAUL Midgley feels Tarboosh could make his presence felt in Pattern company next year after his sprinter defied the steadier of 9st 10lb in the sunracing.co.uk Handicap at Doncaster.
TARBOOSH (7.20) can star in the Soba Conditions Stakes on EK, East Kilbride Ladies' Night at Hamilton.
For two decades, he billed as Ghawwar, a mischievous prankster on the streets of Damascus, with a hallmark uniform that made him recognisable throughout the Arab World: an old fez (tarboosh), shirwal (a large baggy trouser) and wooden clogs (kobkab).
Tarboosh (4.05) can bounce back from an unlucky run at Epsom in the sprint.