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also tar·bush  (tär-bo͞osh′)
See fez.

[Modern colloquial Arabic ṭarbūš, perhaps from Spanish traposo, ragged, or trapucho, old rag, worthless item of clothing (perhaps used as a slang term for the tarboosh, the typical male headwear of the Maghreb, by Moriscos who settled in the Maghreb after their expulsion from Spain in the 1600s) , from trapo, rag, from Late Latin drappus, cloth, perhaps of Gaulish origin.]
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(tɑːˈbuːʃ) ,




(Clothing & Fashion) a felt or cloth brimless cap resembling the fez, usually red and often with a silk tassel, worn alone or as part of a turban by Muslim men
[C18: from Arabic tarbūsh]
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or tar•bush


a tasseled felt or cloth hat resembling a fez, worn by Muslim men.
[1695–1705; < Arabic ṭarbūsh < Ottoman Turkish terposh, probably < Persian sarposh headdress (sar head + pūsh covering), by association with Turkish ter sweat]
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Noun1.tarboosh - a felt cap (usually red) for a mantarboosh - a felt cap (usually red) for a man; shaped like a flat-topped cone with a tassel that hangs from the crown
cap - a tight-fitting headdress
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La couverture du livre en temoigne d'ailleurs: Brel avec une djellaba et un tarbouche marocains.
Makeshift decor: a stand dressed up with traditional beaded scarves and topped with a tarbouche adds a splash of color to the drab sidewalk.
Five of these restaurants -- Al Hambra, Shahrayar, Le Tarbouche, Bukhara the English Tea Lounge -- also have outlets in the Grand Avenue of The Avenues, Kuwait's largest shopping mall.
Avant ce roman de formation, Abdellah Taia avait publie un premier recit autobiographique, Mon Maroc (2000) et puis Le Rouge du Tarbouche (tarbouche est le fes marocain, symbole du Maroc traditionnel).
Parmi ses photos les plus [beaucoup moins que]captivantes[beaucoup plus grand que], celle d'un enfant au regard innocent et angelique habille d'une jolie gandoura de couleur beige et d'un tarbouche (un bonnet rouge de forme tronconique), accompagne, au fond de la photo, de son aEne.
As in his previous fictional works--Mon Maroc (2000), Le rouge du tarbouche (2004), and L'armee du salut (2006)--Taia's narrator is a sensitive and gifted young man from a poor Moroccan family, fascinated by music and cinema, and seeking to express himself through his writing.
During special events men generally wear a cap, which is known as a tarbouche and their footwear consists of flat leather slippers called babouche which are generally yellow in colour.