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1. Operating to produce effects; effective.
2. Psychology Of, relating to, or being a response that occurs spontaneously and is identified by its reinforcing or inhibiting effects.
1. One that operates.
2. Psychology An element of operant behavior.

[Latin operāns, operant-, present participle of operārī, to work; see operate.]

op′er·ant·ly adv.


producing effects; operating
1. a person or thing that operates
2. (Psychology) psychol any response by an organism that is not directly caused by a stimulus


(ˈɒp ər ənt)

1. operating; producing effects.
2. a person or thing that operates.
[1595–1605; < Late Latin]
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Adj.1.operant - having influence or producing an effect; "many emotional determinants at work"; "an operant conscience"
operative - being in force or having or exerting force; "operative regulations"; "the major tendencies operative in the American political system"
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During the first (baseline) phase, a target response is reinforced.
A crew from the city and a target response vehicle rushed to the scene to extinguish rubbish which was on fire behind a house on Thursday evening.
The usual result is that the rate of the target response decreases as the physical difference between training and test stimuli increases.
The target response time is 12 minutes, but our teams' average is 7-8 minutes, as response speed is crucial in the incidents we attend to," said Lt.
It took the ambulance 13 to 14 minutes to arrive - nearly double the target response time - because his address could not be found on a computer system.
North East Ambulance Service ambulances failed to reach their target response times
Our target response to all service calls is a maximum of 4 hours.
Plaid Cymru wants to see stang and resource issues in our ambulance service addressed to meet and exceed target response times.
The figures come amid a crisis that has seen waiting lists for operations soar, ambulances struggling to meet target response times and A&E departments battling to cope with a surge in patients.
Information released by West Midlands Ambulance Service via a Freedom of Information request has revealed how the service breached the eightminute target response time for a life-threatening incident in Warwickshire.
Figures, obtained from a Freedom of Information request, show that the North East Ambulance Service failed to meet their target response times on 10 separate occasions in the space of a year.