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also tar·le·tan  (tär′lə-tən, -lə-tn)
A thin, stiffly starched muslin in open plain weave.

[French tarlatane, alteration of earlier tarnatane.]


(Textiles) an open-weave cotton fabric, used for stiffening garments
[C18: from French tarlatane, variant of tarnatane type of muslin, perhaps of Indian origin]


(ˈtɑr lə tn)

a thin, stiffened, open-mesh cotton fabric.
[1720–30; < French tarlatane]
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I wanted the violet silk, but there isn't time to make it over, so I must be contented with my old tarlatan.
Never mind, you've got the tarlatan for the big party, and you always look like an angel in white," said Amy, brooding over the little store of finery in which her soul delighted.
There now, the trays are ready, and everything in but my ball dress, which I shall leave for Mother to pack," said Meg, cheering up, as she glanced from the half-filled trunk to the many times pressed and mended white tarlatan, which she called her `ball dress' with an important air.
So out came the tarlatan, looking older, limper, and shabbier than ever beside Sallie's crisp new one.
She's proud, but I don't believe she'd mind, for that dowdy tarlatan is all she has got.
has made her plans," "that fib about her mamma," and 'dowdy tarlatan," till she was ready to cry and rush home to tell her troubles and ask for advice.
Before she left home, she thought her new white muslin dress, with its fresh blue ribbons, the most elegant and proper costume she could have; but now, when she saw Fanny's pink silk, with a white tarlatan tunic, and innumerable puffings, bows, and streamers, her own simple little toilet lost all its charms in her eyes, and looked very babyish and old-fashioned.
The excess ink is then carefully wiped out off the surface using tarlatan cloth.
In many of them, large canvases are stretched across metal or wooden frames, which remain visible through the gauzy muslin that Bonnefoi characteristically uses--an extremely delicate material called tarlatan.