adj. & adv. Chiefly New England & Upper Southern US
Damned. See Note at tarnation.

[Alteration of eternal.]

tar′nal·ly adv.


(prenominal) damned
(intensifier): tarnal lucky!.
[C18: aphetic dialect pronunciation of eternal]
ˈtarnally adv
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Tenders are invited for Filling up of Tarnal MI tank by constructing connecting canal network under Dy-21 of Huvina hippragi branch canal under MLIS Stage-III
Now, Cunnel, I can kill your tarnal man fellers, for they've riz my ebenezer, and I've kinder got my hand in; but, I rather calkilate, I han't no disposition to kill wimming
Struggling Bustleholme suffered defeat at the hands of Little Drayton Rangers as Anthony Garrett and Stuart Timms gave Rangers a two goal lead before Jason Tarnal bagged a late strike to make it 2-1.