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Heavy paper impregnated or coated with tar, used as a waterproof protective material in building.


a type of paper coated or impregnated with tar and used in construction


(ˈtɑrˌpeɪ pər)

a heavy, tar-coated paper used as a waterproofing material in building construction.
[1890–95, Amer.]
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demolition and disposal of: - approximately 11 buildings in a partially dilapidated state with partly asbestos-containing materials and tarpaper roofing.
I learned she lived in a tarpaper shack with no windows or plumbing.
It contained a charge that looked somewhat like black tarpaper.
Any archer can whack pronghorns at close range, if that person has the gumption to erect a commercial blind or dig a pit and cover it with tarpaper, cardboard, poly tarps, or any other lightproof material.
Into this city flocked the unfortunate in great numbers, lightly clothed, building fires on the streets outside their tarpaper and corrugated-tin shacks, caring for their young haphazardly, brewing up spicy chai, smoking chillums stoked with hashish, sometimes getting drunk on cheap hooch.
However, this choice proved to be unsatisfactory and between 50 and 60 boys, including two 10-year-olds, were moved on 10 September 1940, to "temporary quarters" comprising tarpaper shacks at a forestry camp, Camp No.
the Americans crammed into tarpaper barracks and the Americans with machine guns and searchlights in watchtowers.
They used tarpaper to cover the walls inside and out to make it new like a stage.
Through the empty winter branches the farmhouse rose up before us, a two-story hulk of a structure covered in yellow tarpaper.
Take your dog's kennel from tarpaper shack to penthouse suite by adding a Deluxe Insulated Kennel Cover (HC also offers a standard cover in Realtree Max-5).
We were taught by the other Habitat volunteers and were actually even allowed to go up onto the roof at the end to lay out the tarpaper.