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n. pl. tarpon or tar·pons
Either of two large marine game fishes, Megalops cyprinoides of the Pacific and Indian Oceans or M. atlanticus of Atlantic coastal waters, having a bluish-green back and silvery sides.

[Origin unknown.]
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n, pl -pons or -pon
1. (Animals) a large silvery clupeoid game fish, Tarpon atlanticus, of warm Atlantic waters, having a compressed body covered with large scales: family Elopidae
2. (Animals) Austral another name for ox-eye herring
3. (Animals) any similar related fish
[C17: perhaps from Dutch tarpoen, of unknown origin]
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(ˈtɑr pən)

n., pl. -pons, (esp. collectively) -pon.
a powerful game fish, Megalops atlanticus, of warm W Atlantic waters, having large, silvery scales.
[1675–85; earlier tarpum, trapham, terbum]
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Noun1.tarpon - large silvery game fish of warm Atlantic coastal waters especially off Floridatarpon - large silvery game fish of warm Atlantic coastal waters especially off Florida
malacopterygian, soft-finned fish - any fish of the superorder Malacopterygii
genus Tarpon - tarpons
Elops saurus, ladyfish, tenpounder - game fish resembling the tarpon but smaller
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[ˈtɑːpɒn] Ntarpón m
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nAtlantischer Tarpon, Silberkönig m
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Matt, my middle son, had been a fierce outside linebacker for Charlotte High School's aptly named Fighting Tarpons, in Punta Gorda.
"Dad, awesome--that was a huge tarpon and I looked right into its eye!"
Later, during an epic battle, I would tease Matt that the tarpon had in fact sized him up and figured it could whip him, before taking the bait.
the Peace River empties into Charlotte Harbor, arguably the tarpon fishing center of the universe.
With so many options in greater Charlotte Harbor, fishing for tarpon "up the river" in the black waters of the Peace and neighboring Myakka rivers is a thrill that is often overlooked.
IBM Corp's San Jose-based storage subsidiary is just days away from unveiling the Shark follow-on to its Tarpon Versatile Storage Server.
The word we hear is that while Tarpon could support 16 host servers, Shark will be able to handle 32 hosts.
If the hardware in Shark is not all that different from Tarpon, the software certainly will be.