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 (tär′sē-ər, -sē-ā′)
Any of several small insectivorous primates of the genus Tarsius of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, being nocturnal and arboreal and having extremely large round eyes, a long tail, and long digits with nails except for the second and third toes, which have claws.

[French, from tarse, tarsus (from its elongated ankles), from New Latin tarsus; see tarsus.]
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(Animals) any of several nocturnal arboreal prosimian primates of the genus Tarsius, of Indonesia and the Philippines, having huge eyes, long hind legs, and digits ending in pads to facilitate climbing: family Tarsiidae
[C18: from French, from tarse the flat of the foot; see tarsus]
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(ˈtɑr si ər, -siˌeɪ)

any small tree-dwelling SE Asian primate of the genus Tarsius, suborder Tarsioideae, having a long naked tail and very large eyes.
[1765–75; < French, =tarse tarsus + -ier -ier2]
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Noun1.tarsier - nocturnal arboreal primate of Indonesia and the Philippines having huge eyes and digits ending in pads to facilitate climbingtarsier - nocturnal arboreal primate of Indonesia and the Philippines having huge eyes and digits ending in pads to facilitate climbing; the only primate that spurns all plant material as food living entirely on insects and small vertebrates
primate - any placental mammal of the order Primates; has good eyesight and flexible hands and feet
genus Tarsius, Tarsius - type and sole genus of the family Tarsiidae
Tarsius syrichta - a variety of tarsier
Tarsius glis - a variety of tarsier
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