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n.1.(Surg.) An operation to diminish the size of the opening between eyelids when enlarged by surrounding cicatrices.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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There might be lid problems that make a routine examination difficult, such as edema or tarsorrhaphy or severe cataracts and keratoprosthesis.
If there is clinical evidence of more severe complications associated with the dry eye presentation, the clinician will need to consider additional treatments in the fourth step, such as application of topical corticosteroid for longer duration, amniotic membrane grafts, surgical punctal occlusion, and other surgical approaches (e.g., tarsorrhaphy, salivary gland transplantation).
Two months later, the patient underwent a right temporary lateral tarsorrhaphy, to protect the cornea and reduce symptoms of exposure due to right facial nerve palsy.
These include artificial tears, antibiotics, autologous serum-derived eye drops, tarsorrhaphy (a procedure in which the eyelids are partially sutured together) and botulinum-induced ptosis (closure of the eyelid).
(1) Some suggest surgical interventions for DOCS include amniotic membrane transplantation, temporary or permanent punctual plugs, surgical repair of the eyelid (blepharorrhaphy); tarsorrhaphy, transplantation of direct family members' limbal stem cell, and cornealtransplantation.
If a full-thickness loss of eyelid tissue leads to lagophthalmos and corneal exposure, aggressive lubrication with antibiotic ointments is instituted or a temporary tarsorrhaphy placed until definitive repair can be accomplished.
To prevent melting and perforation of the cornea, some surgical procedures can be carried out, such as temporary or permanent tarsorrhaphy, injecting botulinum toxin A into the elevating muscle of upper eyelid, amniotic membrane or conjunctival patch graft, sympathectomy, transplanting mucuous membrane from the nose, Tutopatch with platelet-rich plasma, and transplanting a fragment of the sural nerve to restore corneal innervation [8, 10-13].
Techniques causing temporary blindness in the affected eye (tarsorrhaphy or grafts) or those with high probability to cause vision-reducing scarring were avoided to preserve the functional eye of this patient Although data are lacking on the thickness of the macaw cornea, the corneal thickness of this patient appeared thin subjectively.
Patients for whom corneal or scleral graft was available, or for whom tarsorrhaphy was the better option and those who refused this treatment were excluded.
A temporary lateral tarsorrhaphy was proposed, but the patient refused it.
Protecting the ocular surface with a soft contact lens bandage, tarsorrhaphy, and conjunctival flaps are effective for NK after stage 2.
For paralytic vector lower eyelid retraction, prior surgical options include tarsorrhaphy, canthal anchoring, tarsal pillars, or suspension procedures.