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adj. tart·i·er, tart·i·est
Of, relating to, or suggestive of a prostitute.

tart′i·ly adv.
tart′i·ness n.
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[ˈtɑːtɪ] ADJputesco
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Whereas in uniform we were not allowed to wear cosmetics and had to wear our hair very short or pulled back into a bun, I was instructed to wear it loose and to wear plenty of make-up, plus the tartiest dress I could find.
GIRLS in Wales' capital are the tartiest dressers in Britain, a survey has found.
As she gets the letter and tells her friend Jo, they decide to go out and really celebrate.; 2 THEY dress in their tartiest clothes and go to a club looking for fun.
She's had to snog jailbirds, reveal a cleavage of Himalayan proportions in the tartiest clothes imaginable and get beaten up naked in the showers.
The three subjects of The Tartiest Men in Britain were nothing of the sort, they were just three old saddoes who had screwed up their marriages
These Three Amigos are The Tartiest Men in Britain, and they're all old enough to know better.
GIRLS in Cardiff are the tartiest dressers in Britain, a survey has found.
Kids, endear yourself to your parents by wearing your grungiest or tartiest clothes on Christmas Day.
The From Hell series (as in neighbours, holidays etc) might have finished but in its place we have The Campest Men in Britain and this week it was The Tartiest Men in Britain.
The breakthrough was when she turned up to audition for EastEnders, wearing the tartiest clothes she could find, including a daring micro skirt.
I went to a hotel dressed in the tartiest clothes I've got and sat at the bar.