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adj. tart·i·er, tart·i·est
Of, relating to, or suggestive of a prostitute.

tart′i·ly adv.
tart′i·ness n.


informal the condition or characteristic of being tarty
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The tailoring of Mary Poppins, the dresses made from curtains in Sound of Music and the tartiness of the Pink Ladies in Grease." Sophie is also looking forward to March when she joins her hubby Richard in Meribel, France where his band The Feeling are putting on the Little World Festival.
The melted blue cheese mixed with the caramelised onion was exquisite while the crisp salad brought - pardon the pun - a tartiness to the dish.
It's an oversimplification and leaves us open to accusations of sexism, because if you equate tartiness with female sexual aggression, and 'genuine' sexiness with passivity, you're back to a situation where men call the moral shots.
Debbie Harry affected downright tartiness, like Marilyn Monroe after a really heavy night.
Wilkinson, too, takes on the face and brash tartiness of Yvonne.
The underwear is daring but well made and the lingerie comes with a hefty price tag to distance it from the tartiness associated with other naughty knicker companies.