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n. pl. tar·tu·fi (-fē) or tar·tu·fos
An Italian dessert consisting of ice cream shaped into a ball, filled with cherries, nuts, or other ingredients, and coated in chocolate.

[Italian, truffle, tartufo, from Vulgar Latin *territūferum, truffle, from Latin terrae tūber : terrae, genitive of terra, earth; see ters- in Indo-European roots + tūber, lump (probably influenced by dialectal *tūfer); see teuə- in Indo-European roots.]


a mousse-like Italian chocolate dessert
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The dedicated culinary team has meticulously worked on enriching the new menu to meet the gastronomic instincts of visitors with a delicious variety of antipasti has been added such as Variazione Di Carni Manzo made of apple wood smoked prime beef carpaccio served with mushroom salsa, goat cheese & walnut, smoked eggplant ice cream, aged balsamic and parmesan, an aromatic Burrata Con Tartufo made of burrata cheese with black truffle, stuffed heirloom tomatoes, watercress cream, Kalamata texture and extra virgin olive oil as well as a selection of crunchy salads freshly prepared on your table.
El proceso de Tartufo fue incoado por unos santurrones; el de Justine sera obra de los libertinos.
Chef Gallasso will be at Tartufo and for the public to enjoy tasting the menu.
Their Gnocco Di Fonduta Al Tartufo (Potato Gnocco Filled With Cheese Fondue, Butter and Sage Emulsion, Truffle Shavings) was rich, flavorful and served with a generous touch-something the Cerea brothers are known for.
Fresh white truffles: Tartufo Bianco or Tuber Magnatum Pico vary in colour from cream to mustard yellow, and in size from 15g to 100g, although rare specimens grow to up to a kilo.
En el musical, los independentistas estan conspirando y para que los espias del virrey no sospechen, fingen actuar Tartufo o el impostor de Moliere.
Tuber bellonae un tartufo mediterraneo del complesso Tuber aestivum-T.
I really shouldn't have looked at the dessert menu because suddenly a tartufo limoncello arrived.
amp;nbsp;The menu includes selections that are popular worldwide including the Tartufo Nero made with robiola cheese, fonstina, truffle oil and black truffles; the Al Caviale made with boiled sliced potatoes, crAaAaAeA?
I ordered the Tartufo (LE 80), a layered trifle of chocolate, cream and hazelnut heaven.
En Lisboa, en el ano de 1768, se estreno finalmente -con cien anos de atraso- la pieza de Moliere, Tartufo o el impostor.
Another local delicacy is the tartufo at Tre Scalini, in Piazza Navona.