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n. pl. tar·tu·fi (-fē) or tar·tu·fos
An Italian dessert consisting of ice cream shaped into a ball, filled with cherries, nuts, or other ingredients, and coated in chocolate.

[Italian, truffle, tartufo, from Vulgar Latin *territūferum, truffle, from Latin terrae tūber : terrae, genitive of terra, earth; see ters- in Indo-European roots + tūber, lump (probably influenced by dialectal *tūfer); see teuə- in Indo-European roots.]


a mousse-like Italian chocolate dessert
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Meza publico novelas como La huella del conejo (Meza, 1991), Un famelico en busca de salvacion (Meza, 1993) y La feria de los lacayos (Meza, 2001), y ensayos como Candidos y tartufos (Meza, 1989) y Bestiario de la modernidad mexicana (Meza, 1996), entre otros.
But I've finally worked out what to do with that hellish, laminated dessert menu that offers orange bombes, chocolate tartufos and the other junk that may have been lying at the bottom of the deepfreeze since the delivery truck last dropped by in 1983 - ignore it and order another meal.
I Dolce's product line-up includes gelato and sorbetto in pint containers, pre-portioned 12-packs and pies, cannolis and tartufos. In addition to its own manufacturing, the company has some of its product co-packed by Warwick Ice Cream Co.
At the Hilton San Francisco Financial District, delicate tuile cookie cups hold a variety of gelatos and tartufos. The Tartufo Limoncello, for example, is chocolate gelato filled with limoncello-spiked sabayon.
Ellos, esos tartufos, tambien piden su grito, su cachito de zocalo, y sobreviene de manera por demas infantil la guerra de las bocinas.
There, nestling among the sorbets, orange bombes and tartufos, was something called a bannoffe bombe.