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Noun1.taste tester - someone who samples food or drink for its qualitytaste tester - someone who samples food or drink for its quality
critic - anyone who expresses a reasoned judgment of something
wine taster - a taster who evaluates the quality of wines
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Every time I needed a taste tester, someone to kiss or needed to sob into his stinky rolls, he was there.
Crisp-loving Chris Wilks, who was crowned Seabrook Crisps' official taste tester in September, has now completed his first task in his new role - a taste-testing masterclass at the company's factory in Bradford.
The manor house has played host to some of Britain's most famous figures including Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill and now the Daily Post's taste tester was here to peruse the small but well-balanced lunch menu.
The ECHO's fearless taste tester, Tina Miles, said the dish was "surprisingly tasty".
The catering team is putting on a taste tester session so you can find out while you browse the "My Viewpoint" exhibition - Trinity Holistic Centre's pilot photography project taken by men diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Under the #DreamJob contest, the Energizer Personal Care brand invited men to create an online resume on Facebook and complete a series of challenges to score points and be one of four winners of a behind-the-scenes experience as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photographer, a Thrillist taste tester, a funnyman on Hulu's "The Awesomes" animated series or an IGN community correspondent.
Roscoe is a canine taste tester at a pet food science lab.
She made the bizarre confession while launching a new challenge to become an honorary Cadbury taste tester alongside actor Brian Blessed.
BEING a Taste Tester is obviously a far from unpleasant role, as I am constantly reminded by friends and acquaintances who ask to be considered if a vacancy should arise.
But John Harrison, the official taste tester for Oakland, Calif.
Still, it's amazing how well cuppers can express themselves to a fellow taste tester in another city, or another hemisphere.
Even so, the lights--like the regulars--still have the mouth feel of "sponges with rigor mortis," as one taste tester put it.