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Noun1.taste-maker - someone who popularizes a new fashiontaste-maker - someone who popularizes a new fashion
role model, model - someone worthy of imitation; "every child needs a role model"
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There's a cost to the networks in taking back their old shows and movies from the reigning taste-maker of the digital age.
The event sheds light on many lesser-known talents, Frazier said, and has come to be seen as a taste-maker of sorts for up-and-coming artistry.
The taste-maker's latest sighting comes just days after she may have convinced Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, to add an edit button - one of the site's most highly requested features.
This week Zorro star Antonio Banderas confirmed that he is to play the Italian taste-maker in an as-yet-untitled movie from Danish director Billie August, the man behind the 1998 Les Miserables movie and Smilla's Feeling For Snow.
In "Collecting an Imperial Persona: Collecting Practices and Intimate Spaces" (Chapter three), McQueen contends that "Eugenie was among the most important collectors of her time" (149) and used her patronage of French artists as yet another means "of attaining the public persona she sought to establish." Not surprisingly, as a collector Eugenie favored religious, literary, landscape and genre subjects, but as an influential taste-maker (who often loaned works to the Salons and Universal Expositions), Eugenie's active commitment to supporting female artists is again noteworthy.
More than one in four Britons believe the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, left, is the country's premier taste-maker, the poll of 2,000 UK adults by OnePoll for TOTAL Greek Yoghurt reveals.
Paris bills herself not just as a celebrity but as a "taste-maker."
The author displays conscious self-awareness through the single ineffective section--shameless praise of taste-maker Oprah Winfrey suggesting that she may be the only billionaire fit for admission to heaven.
With the legendary Radio 1 taste-maker on your side doors are sure to open.
From the moment Mad Men debuted in 2007, the stylised drama about the men and women who work in Madison Avenue advertising has been a taste-maker favourite.