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Noun1.taste-tester - someone who samples food or drink for its qualitytaste-tester - someone who samples food or drink for its quality
critic - anyone who expresses a reasoned judgment of something
wine taster - a taster who evaluates the quality of wines
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It is essentially the technical name for a taste-tester.
Taste-tester Eva Beaney, who remembers the original Nebo creams, said: "They are tongue tingling!" J.F.
And he has a special taste-tester on staff: His 3-year-old daughter Annabelle loves maple syrup on her pancakes and waffles and helps him out on the farm.
Should any enterprising entrepreneur see this letter, however, let them know this: you have a ready-made taste-tester.
5 PAUL McCartney acted as a taste-tester for new dishes at late wife Linda's veggie food factory.
With shamrocks hanging from the ceiling and so much Irish signage and Celtic designs that you thought you were in the Gaeltacht, my fellow taste-tester and I found the only thing Italian about Goodfellas was the menu.
After 50 minutes, our taste-tester couldn't resist the temptation any longer.
A taste-tester downs a glass of Aspen Edge and takes only a sip of Michelob Ultra, according to industry publication Adweek.
What's more, the 25 volunteer taste-testers who sampled the 20-percent-corn-bran-enhanced cake rated it as "acceptable." In taste-tester lingo, that counts as a vote of confidence.
DISH UP YOUR VERDICT SOME old favourites will remain on the menu at the White Lion, but the lucky taste-tester will be able to sample mouth-watering new dishes such as:
Whittard of Chelsea's White Chocolate Milkshake with raspberries POPPY, aged one: No actual words from our little taste-tester, but the fact that she wouldn't let go of the mug until every drop was finished, indicated that she loved it!
But in the future, microwave technology may play a taste-tester role that could mean fresh fruits and vegetables arrive at the table with even more fresh, just-picked flavor.