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1. Lacking flavor; insipid.
2. Not having or showing good taste.

taste′less·ly adv.
taste′less·ness n.
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Noun1.tastelessness - the property of having no flavor
unappetisingness, unappetizingness - the property of spoiling the appetite
2.tastelessness - inelegance indicated by a lack of good taste
inelegance - the quality of lacking refinement and good taste
sleaze, tat, cheapness, tackiness - tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar
tastefulness - elegance indicated by good taste
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إنْعِدام الذَّوْق
nedostatek chuti/vkusu


[ˈteɪstlɪsnɪs] N
1. (= lack of flavour) [of food, substance] → insipidez f
2. (= bad taste) [of ornament, joke, remark] → mal gusto m
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n (lit, fig)Geschmacklosigkeit f; (of food also)Fadheit f
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(teist) verb
1. to be aware of, or recognize, the flavour of something. I can taste ginger in this cake.
2. to test or find out the flavour or quality of (food etc) by eating or drinking a little of it. Please taste this and tell me if it is too sweet.
3. to have a particular flavour or other quality that is noticed through the act of tasting. This milk tastes sour; The sauce tastes of garlic.
4. to eat (food) especially with enjoyment. I haven't tasted such a beautiful curry for ages.
5. to experience. He tasted the delights of country life.
1. one of the five senses, the sense by which we are aware of flavour. one's sense of taste; bitter to the taste.
2. the quality or flavour of anything that is known through this sense. This wine has an unusual taste.
3. an act of tasting or a small quantity of food etc for tasting. Do have a taste of this cake!
4. a liking or preference. a taste for music; a queer taste in books; expensive tastes.
5. the ability to judge what is suitable in behaviour, dress etc or what is fine and beautiful. She shows good taste in clothes; a man of taste; That joke was in good/bad taste.
ˈtasteful adjective
showing good judgement or taste. a tasteful flower arrangement.
ˈtastefully adverb
ˈtastefulness noun
ˈtasteless adjective
1. lacking flavour. tasteless food.
2. showing a lack of good taste or judgement. tasteless behaviour.
ˈtastelessly adverb
ˈtastelessness noun
having a (particular kind of) taste. a sweet-tasting liquid.
ˈtasty adjective
having a good, especially savoury, flavour. tasty food.
ˈtastiness noun
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Sandberg is an odd choice, having come from horror (he made Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation ), and a slightly too-sadistic sensibility shows through occasionally; the scene where Silvana and his demons murder his entire family seems to belong in a different movie (a car accident scored to a Christmas carol also flirts with tastelessness).
Laboured and lewd the gag ranks right up there with Hirani's "balaatkar" joke in 3 Idiots as the crest of tastelessness, any day filthier than the overflowing toilet in Dutta's cell.
Russell's towering DIY compositions may enter or already live as jaw-droppingly ugly art that adds acquired tastelessness to some even flashier penthouse in Miami, thereby contrasting with the more explicitly low production value of the video on view.
His audience took a sharp intake of breath at the tastelessness of the remark and Tory MPs called for his sacking.
Here, both Phil Collins and Stevie Wonder were on the stereo, and an excellent Singapore Sling intimated that tastelessness is not an issue.
The absolute tastelessness of Bay's images, their stultifying service to platitudes and to merchandise, doesn't at all diminish their wildly imaginative power.
The bandage skirt is matched in tastelessness only by the zippered top, which looks suited for a day of bodyboarding.
His voice (like that of Lucretius) is impersonal, and his particular targets are vulgarity and tastelessness. He was also technically proficient, able to shape a hexameter as effectively as Virgil.
Unfortunately that mildness can too often mean unripe tastelessness.
Nigel Jones wrote: "Well done Swansea council, your tastelessness knows no bounds!" Council representatives have hit back, telling residents to reserve judgement until the tree's lights are switched on on November 15.
As Franklin herself makes clear, second generation writers who lay claim to "ownership" of the Holocaust haven't been blind to the tastelessness or absurdity of their gesture.