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adj. tast·i·er, tast·i·est
Having a pleasing flavor; savory.

tast′i·ly adv.
tast′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.tastily - in a tasty manner; "the meal was tastily cooked"
2.tastily - with taste; in a tasteful manner; "the house was tastefully decorated"
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When the festoons were all put up as tastily as they might be, the stupendous collection was uncovered, and there were displayed, on a raised platform some two feet from the floor, running round the room and parted from the rude public by a crimson rope breast high, divers sprightly effigies of celebrated characters, singly and in groups, clad in glittering dresses of various climes and times, and standing more or less unsteadily upon their legs, with their eyes very wide open, and their nostrils very much inflated, and the muscles of their legs and arms very strongly developed, and all their countenances expressing great surprise.
"Yes, yes, no doubt," she replied tastily; ,"but there are wakeful old dears to be had, and on a box they are preferable."
They're dishes that also neatly and tastily debunk the idea that the word 'curry' only accounts for what you order in on the weekend.
With no least knowledge of the served food, Forder finds it tastily pleasing: "I ate my share, not knowing what it was, and even now have no notion of what I supped.
Anyway, Kingscote rides Temple Church for Hughie Morrison and the four-year-old is tastily handicapped on his best form of last year, which included a fourth off levels to Defoe at York in July.
Here are some top selections to make that Sunday roast roar, Good Friday fish pie feel like a luxury, and tastily temper the salty sweetness of glazed ham...
De Bruyne himself was caught a few times, not with the viciousness Jason Puncheon used in the game at Crystal Palace, but tastily enough on one occasion for his yelp to echo around the rafters.
The skin crispy, the meat juicy and tastily mixed with Middle Eastern herbs, the sidings perfectly enhancing everything.
(10) Jamie Oliver mentions that, to start over and perform a tangibly visible change, supermarkets should, besides helping us to buy food, teach people who are busy to cook them quickly, tastily and seasonally.
Feast on fresh, seasonal produce, cooked simply and tastily - from a delicious rendition of that Andalusian specialty Salmorejo, and other tapas treats such as scrambled eggs with vegetables, to local fish Corvina (a kind of seabass), grilled to perfection - as you watch the twinkling lights come on over the valley.