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adj. tast·i·er, tast·i·est
Having a pleasing flavor; savory.

tast′i·ly adv.
tast′i·ness n.
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Noun1.tastiness - pleasant palatability
palatability, palatableness - the property of being acceptable to the mouth
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طِيب المَذاق
gott bragî


[ˈteɪstɪnɪs] Nlo sabroso, lo apetitoso
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(teist) verb
1. to be aware of, or recognize, the flavour of something. I can taste ginger in this cake.
2. to test or find out the flavour or quality of (food etc) by eating or drinking a little of it. Please taste this and tell me if it is too sweet.
3. to have a particular flavour or other quality that is noticed through the act of tasting. This milk tastes sour; The sauce tastes of garlic.
4. to eat (food) especially with enjoyment. I haven't tasted such a beautiful curry for ages.
5. to experience. He tasted the delights of country life.
1. one of the five senses, the sense by which we are aware of flavour. one's sense of taste; bitter to the taste.
2. the quality or flavour of anything that is known through this sense. This wine has an unusual taste.
3. an act of tasting or a small quantity of food etc for tasting. Do have a taste of this cake!
4. a liking or preference. a taste for music; a queer taste in books; expensive tastes.
5. the ability to judge what is suitable in behaviour, dress etc or what is fine and beautiful. She shows good taste in clothes; a man of taste; That joke was in good/bad taste.
ˈtasteful adjective
showing good judgement or taste. a tasteful flower arrangement.
ˈtastefully adverb
ˈtastefulness noun
ˈtasteless adjective
1. lacking flavour. tasteless food.
2. showing a lack of good taste or judgement. tasteless behaviour.
ˈtastelessly adverb
ˈtastelessness noun
having a (particular kind of) taste. a sweet-tasting liquid.
ˈtasty adjective
having a good, especially savoury, flavour. tasty food.
ˈtastiness noun
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There is none of the colour and tastiness of get-up, you will perceive, which lends such a life to the present game at Rugby, making the dullest and worst-fought match a pretty sight.
"I heard there was a little bit between the two clubs last year so that gives it a little bit more tastiness for the weekend.
Biswas confirmed his hypothesis by having 350 participants rate the tastiness of a pita chip.
Simon sees a "mainstreaming" of consumer interest in healthier eating coupled with innovations that have dramatically elevated the tastiness of plant-based foods as fueling this movement.
After delicious main courses, the dessert wasn't quite on par with the tastiness of the starter and main and, perhaps, could benefit from a few more choices on the pudding menu.
The silage', according to Oduor, is similar to the ordinary one in terms of colour, smell and nutrient only that the supplement has been added to speed up the fermentation process and increase tastiness."We milk 430 litres every day from the 26 animals, with the high yielder offering 27 litres and the lowest 16.
And she still looks "sizzling" in a bikini, the tastiness of a medium rare steak as opposed to the old boot Charlie Chaplin ate in the Gold Rush.
Douglas Scott, chief executive of Scottish Craft Butchers, said judges had been "blown away" by the innovation and tastiness of the entries.
"The awards tie in perfectly with Quality Meat Scotland's Selected Pork promotion this month which highlights the versatility, tastiness and health benefits of pork, "2019 is The Year Of The Haggis and we wanted to encourage butchers to offer their customers delicious alternatives for their Burns Supper feast and for the remainder of the year."
"Look What I Found" brings Carole King-like tastiness on a memorable rhythmic motif on piano and some remarkable vocal work from LG.
Nonfat sour cream barely had any flavor, and its one benefit: trimming calories and fat also trimmed the tastiness that "real" sour cream contributed.
We believe that this commitment to the people behind the products adds an extra tastiness to every morsel of PEPPADEW products.