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adj. tast·i·er, tast·i·est
Having a pleasing flavor; savory.

tast′i·ly adv.
tast′i·ness n.
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adj, tastier or tastiest
1. having a pleasant flavour
2. informal Brit attractive: used chiefly by men when talking of women
3. informal Brit skilful or impressive: she was a bit tasty with a cutlass.
4. (Cookery) NZ (of cheddar cheese) having a strong flavour
ˈtastily adv
ˈtastiness n
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(ˈteɪ sti)

adj. tast•i•er, tast•i•est.
1. good-tasting; savory.
2. very appealing or intriguing.
tast′i•ly, adv.
tast′i•ness, n.
syn: See palatable.
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1. 'tasteful'

Something that is tasteful is attractive and elegant. You can use tasteful to talk about things such as furniture, ornaments, and clothes.

The bedroom was simple but tasteful.
He always sent the most tasteful Christmas cards.
2. 'tasty'

Food that is tasty has a pleasant flavour.

Try this tasty dish for supper with a crispy salad.
The seeds, when toasted, are tasty and nutritious.
3. 'delicious'

Note that you do not usually describe sweet foods as 'tasty'. Instead, you can say that they are delicious.

Martha makes the most delicious chocolate pudding.
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Adj.1.tasty - pleasing to the sense of taste; "a tasty morsel"
appetising, appetizing - appealing to or stimulating the appetite especially in appearance or aroma
salty - containing or filled with salt; "salt water"
palatable, toothsome - acceptable to the taste or mind; "palatable food"; "a palatable solution to the problem"
sweet - having or denoting the characteristic taste of sugar
sour - having a sharp biting taste
tasteless - lacking flavor
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adjective delicious, luscious, palatable, delectable, good-tasting, savoury, full-flavoured, yummy (slang), flavoursome, scrumptious (informal), appetizing, toothsome, flavourful, sapid, lekker (S. African slang) I thought the food was very tasty.
bland, tasteless, insipid, unsavoury, flavourless, unappetizing
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1. Highly pleasing, especially to the sense of taste:
Slang: yummy.
2. Showing good taste:
Informal: aesthetic.
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طَيِّب المَذاقلَذِيذ


[ˈteɪstɪ] ADJ (tastier (compar) (tastiest (superl)))
1. (= well-flavoured) [food, dish] → sabroso, apetitoso
this is very tastyesto sabe muy rico
2. (= salacious) a tasty piece of gossipun cotilleo sustancioso
a tasty piece of newsuna noticia jugosa
3. (= sexy) he/she's very tasty!¡está buenísimo/buenísima!, ¡está más bueno/buena que el pan!
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[ˈteɪsti] adj [food, dish, meal] → savoureux/euse, délicieux/euse
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adj (+er) dishschmackhaft; a tasty morsel (lit)ein Leckerbissen m; his new girlfriend is very tasty (inf)seine neue Freundin ist zum Anbeißen (inf)
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[ˈteɪstɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) (food) → saporito/a, gustoso/a; (dish, meal) → succulento/a
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(teist) verb
1. to be aware of, or recognize, the flavour of something. I can taste ginger in this cake.
2. to test or find out the flavour or quality of (food etc) by eating or drinking a little of it. Please taste this and tell me if it is too sweet.
3. to have a particular flavour or other quality that is noticed through the act of tasting. This milk tastes sour; The sauce tastes of garlic.
4. to eat (food) especially with enjoyment. I haven't tasted such a beautiful curry for ages.
5. to experience. He tasted the delights of country life.
1. one of the five senses, the sense by which we are aware of flavour. one's sense of taste; bitter to the taste.
2. the quality or flavour of anything that is known through this sense. This wine has an unusual taste.
3. an act of tasting or a small quantity of food etc for tasting. Do have a taste of this cake!
4. a liking or preference. a taste for music; a queer taste in books; expensive tastes.
5. the ability to judge what is suitable in behaviour, dress etc or what is fine and beautiful. She shows good taste in clothes; a man of taste; That joke was in good/bad taste.
ˈtasteful adjective
showing good judgement or taste. a tasteful flower arrangement.
ˈtastefully adverb
ˈtastefulness noun
ˈtasteless adjective
1. lacking flavour. tasteless food.
2. showing a lack of good taste or judgement. tasteless behaviour.
ˈtastelessly adverb
ˈtastelessness noun
having a (particular kind of) taste. a sweet-tasting liquid.
ˈtasty adjective
having a good, especially savoury, flavour. tasty food.
ˈtastiness noun
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لَذِيذ chutný velsmagende schmackhaft γευστικός sabroso maukas savoureux ukusan saporito 味のよい 맛있는 smakelijk velsmakende smakowity gostoso вкусный god อร่อย lezzetli ngon 美味的
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a. gustoso-a, apetitoso-a, sabroso-a.
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References in classic literature ?
She did not want a profusion; she craved a nice and tasty bite--a half dozen blue-points, a plump chop with cress, a something sweet--a creme-frappee, for instance; a glass of Rhine wine, and after all a small cup of black coffee.
"That tasty little pattern there catches your eye, don't it now, eh?
"Thought they'd be sorter tasty after travelling," said Captain Jim.
They went in to dinner, and the repast was such as Don Diego said on the road he was in the habit of giving to his guests, neat, plentiful, and tasty; but what pleased Don Quixote most was the marvellous silence that reigned throughout the house, for it was like a Carthusian monastery.
So they gabbled together like two old gossips and, between them, made such a tasty mess that Robin Hood and his stout followers were like never to leave off eating.
This done, we wait until the palace is half-way up, and then we pay some tasty architect to run us up an ornamental mud hovel, right against it; or a Down-East or Dutch Pagoda, or a pig-sty, or an ingenious little bit of fancy work, either Esquimau, Kickapoo, or Hottentot.
Living meat, so treated, was made tender and tasty, and, as her companions pointed out, she certainly needed to be put through such a process.
The meal was a foreign one, of course; it consisted in two small but tasty dishes of meat prepared with skill and served with nicety; a salad and "fromage francais," completed it.
But to Tarzan, meat was meat; naught that was edible or tasty might pass a hungry Tarzan unchallenged and unattacked.
well, it's the look of it, so white, an' pretty, an' tasty. It gets on the imagination.
Jane never was tasty. Why don't you wear that gown o' mine?"
A fine and white stocking, a silken robe, a lace kerchief, a pretty slipper on the foot, a tasty ribbon on the head do not make an ugly woman pretty, but they make a pretty woman beautiful, without reckoning the hands, which gain by all this; the hands, among women particularly, to be beautiful must be idle.