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tattersall patterns on fabric


also Tat·ter·sall  (tăt′ər-sôl′, -səl)
1. A pattern of dark lines forming squares on a light background.
2. Cloth woven or printed with this pattern.
Having a pattern of dark lines forming squares on a light background.

[After Tattersall's horse market, London, England, after Richard Tattersall (1724-1795), British auctioneer.]


a. a fabric, sometimes brightly coloured, having stripes or bars in a checked or squared pattern
b. (as modifier): a tattersall coat.
[C19: after Tattersall's; the horse blankets at the market originally had this pattern]


(ˈtæt ərˌsɔl, -səl)

1. a pattern of squares formed by colored crossbars on a solid-color background.
2. a fabric with this pattern.
3. having this pattern.
[1890–95; after Tattersall's, London horse market; such patterns were common on horse blankets]
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