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tattersall patterns on fabric


also Tat·ter·sall  (tăt′ər-sôl′, -səl)
1. A pattern of dark lines forming squares on a light background.
2. Cloth woven or printed with this pattern.
Having a pattern of dark lines forming squares on a light background.

[After Tattersall's horse market, London, England, after Richard Tattersall (1724-1795), British auctioneer.]


a. a fabric, sometimes brightly coloured, having stripes or bars in a checked or squared pattern
b. (as modifier): a tattersall coat.
[C19: after Tattersall's; the horse blankets at the market originally had this pattern]


(ˈtæt ərˌsɔl, -səl)

1. a pattern of squares formed by colored crossbars on a solid-color background.
2. a fabric with this pattern.
3. having this pattern.
[1890–95; after Tattersall's, London horse market; such patterns were common on horse blankets]
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The beds are topped by a selection of duvet patterns in richly colored tattersall checks, houndstooth and pinstripe patterns.
This newly designed Sheraton prototype features the new Sheraton guest room - a nod to Sheraton's classic aesthetic with a traditional Soho-like design combined with rich jewel-tone colors, meticulously mill worked desks, and the newly introduced Sheraton Sweet Sleeper(SM) Bed inspired by timeless tattersall checks and pinstripe patterns.
Tattersall checks, herringbone patterns and faux tweeds brought the next generation of apparel-driven fabrics to the home market.