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The former was the widow of a substantial farmer, a narrow-minded, tattling old gossip, whose character is not worth describing.
"Well, they can eat beef and bread and butter, if they are hungry, only it's mortifying to have to spend your whole morning for nothing," thought Jo, as she rang the bell half an hour later than usual, and stood, hot, tired, and dispirited, surveying the feast spread before Laurie, accustomed to all sorts of elegance, and Miss Crocker, whose tattling tongue would report them far and wide.
There the name of the widow was, unquestionably; figuring for the second time in type, in a letter of the gossiping sort, supplied by an "Occasional Correspondent," and distinguished by the title of "Sayings and Doings in the North." After tattling pleasantly of the prospects of the shooting season, of the fashions from Paris, of an accident to a tourist, and of a scandal in the Scottish Kirk, the writer proceeded to the narrative of a case of interest, relating to a marriage in the sphere known (in the language of footmen) as the sphere of "high life."
Why is that tattling old harridan, Peggy O'Dowd, to make free with my name at her d--d supper-table, and advertise my engagement over the three kingdoms?
She asked me if ever I had found her tattling to me of other people's affairs, and how could I suspect her?
We would like to propose another way of looking at "tattling." Instead of seeing it as a nuisance, consider seeing it as an "honor." The child is at her teacher's elbow because she feels in need of something.
Appelbaum is an author and expert on children, education and families, and she describes the steps needed to handle such behaviors as tattling, bullying and anger.
Tyler stuck his tongue out and made a nasty comment but the rat instead of fleeing scorning tattling or punishing moved closer and sniffed him with her pink quivering nose.