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tat·too 1

n. pl. tat·toos
1. A signal sounded on a drum or bugle to summon soldiers or sailors to their quarters at night.
2. A display of military exercises and music offered as evening entertainment.
3. A continuous, even drumming or rapping.
v. tat·tooed, tat·too·ing, tat·toos
To beat out an even rhythm, as with the fingers.
To beat or tap rhythmically on; rap or drum on.

[Alteration of Dutch taptoe, tap-shut (closing time for taverns), tattoo : tap, spigot, tap (from Middle Dutch tappe) + toe, shut (from Middle Dutch; see de- in Indo-European roots).]

tat·too 2

n. pl. tat·toos
1. A permanent mark or design made on the skin by a process of pricking and ingraining an indelible pigment or by raising scars.
2. A design made on the skin with a temporary dye such as henna or ink.
tr.v. tat·tooed, tat·too·ing, tat·toos
1. To mark (the skin) with a tattoo.
2. To form (a tattoo) on the skin.

[From Tahitian tatau and kindred Polynesian words, all from Proto-Polynesian *tatau.]

tat·too′er n.
tat·too′ist n.
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, tattooist
nTätowierer(in) m(f)
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This is a story called The Tattooer, written by the great Tanizaki Jun'ichiro.
However, the artiste reveals, he always knew he would one day trade all of this for becoming a tattooer. He got his first tattoo at the age of 18, which was a Celtic cross between his shoulder blades (a nod to his Irish heritage) from the legendary Mark Mahoney of Shamrock Social Club on Sunset.
Ben sat a long time under the needle for that one and earned every minute of its healing value," said Rob Fiore, a traveling tattoo artist at The Wedding Tattooer.
Carlton remains a completely self-taught tattooer. Rather than find an apprenticeship with a professional, he meticulously studied whatever instruction books he could get his hands on.
KIKCIO: "Skip heavy drinking the night before and day of, always wear sunscreen, and stay off the beach and out of the water for as long as your tattooer recommends.
Among the Rejang, a plaitress may become blind (Swayne 1933); and an Aoheng tattooer demands a ritual payment to fortify his/her soul and defuse this risk.
My ex-girlfriend and my friend Erich Bielefeldt who's apprenticing to be a tattooer.
On Twitter, @xsylveon posted: "I can't believe you're a tattooer - I hope you never work again."
"Jordan is a great tattooer from London, one of the best guys I know, and is miles away from friends and family.
A tattoo artist tends to work with vibrant, color-saturated images, but a tattooer is drawn to the bold, basic design tattooing was founded on, said Garcia, who firmly described himself as a tattooer.
Tanizaki first gained fame in 1910 with a short story called "The Tattooer" and continued to dismay a portion of the reading public until the end of his writing career.
During his odyssey, Eckert's Ulysses is involved with a couple of men angrily debating the morality of theft, a panhandling veteran he beats up, a waitress with visions of being an Ophelia (though smarter) floating in a stream, a gun-toting librarian crazed by the fact that his library is to be closed and a female tattooer (Circe, presumably).