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Noun1.Tatu - about three feet long exclusive of tailtatu - about three feet long exclusive of tail
armadillo - burrowing chiefly nocturnal mammal with body covered with strong horny plates
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The three-day tournament which runs from Saturday to Monday has attracted teams from the all over Africa and is part of the Shamas Rugby Foundation and Tatu City's partnership to nurture Kenyan sports and talent.The tour is also in partnership with RenWoman, the gender empowerment initiative of Rendeavour, Tatu City's owner and developer, tour organisers said in a statement.
Standing on the western bank of Ngi Chu River, Tatu is a complex with well laid-out structures and roads.
SSH Communications Security Oyj (HEL:SSH1V), a provider of enterprise cybersecurity solutions, announced on Friday that the founder of the company, Tatu Ylonen, will step down from the executive management team of the parent company and becomes a strategic advisor to the company, effective 1 March 2018.
"We've had a great team of designers working on Tatu," said Matthew, director of Linthorpe Evolution.
Although it is unclear how things ended between Ceaser and Tatu Baby, the two hold no ill will towards one another.
Onda li tandi ipula kutya ngiika okwa li a zala omakende ngoka haga mono ko uusiku, molwashoka andola okwe shi pondola ngiini oku tu kwatha sho twa li tatu li iikulya yetu.
Feumaidh mi a-nis feitheamh gun ruig mi aois Dhaibhidh Dimbleby, a fhuair a chiad tatu aig aois 75.
"It was a horrible bout with Berry trying to box and Tatu holding and grabbing.
Advertised as new cities, but in reality better described as new suburbs, Eko Atlantic and Tatu City are taking shape in Lagos and Nairobi respectively.
O experimento foi realizado no Laboratorio de Analise de Sementes do Departamento de Producao Vegetal da UNESP, Campus de Jaboticabal, com sementes de duas cultivares de amendoim--'IAC Tatu ST', pertencente ao grupo Valencia, e 'IAC Runner 886', do grupo Virginia.
Ioan Tatu, a Romanian citizen residing in Romania, bought a second-hand vehicle in Germany in 2008.