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Noun1.Tatu - about three feet long exclusive of tailtatu - about three feet long exclusive of tail
armadillo - burrowing chiefly nocturnal mammal with body covered with strong horny plates
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On its part, Tatu City which was among the first to land this now coveted status is a 5,000-acre, mixed-use development with homes, schools, offices, a shopping district, medical clinics, nature areas, a sport and entertainment complex.
Tatu will also retain a strategic role in the US business of the company as the executive chairman of SSH Communications Security Inc, the US subsidiary of SSH Communications Security Oyj.
Tatu City Power Company has applied for a licenc to generate, distribute and supply electricity to the Electricity Regulatory Commission with a US-based power engineering firm it's consultants.
We've had a great team of designers working on Tatu," said Matthew, director of Linthorpe Evolution.
The subject of the project is the exhibition and architectural design of tatu and patu.
Although it is unclear how things ended between Ceaser and Tatu Baby, the two hold no ill will towards one another.
Onda li tandi ipula kutya ngiika okwa li a zala omakende ngoka haga mono ko uusiku, molwashoka andola okwe shi pondola ngiini oku tu kwatha sho twa li tatu li iikulya yetu.
Feumaidh mi a-nis feitheamh gun ruig mi aois Dhaibhidh Dimbleby, a fhuair a chiad tatu aig aois 75.
It was a horrible bout with Berry trying to box and Tatu holding and grabbing.
Indeed, Tatu City, which will provide homes for 62,000 people, will be developed over a long period in 10 phases and its continued construction will rely upon investor and customer confidence.
Tabela 1--Teor de agua inicial, germinacao e vigor (primeira contagem da germinacao, envelhecimento acelerado e condutividade eletrica) de sementes de amendoim das cultivares 'IAC Tatu ST' e' IAC Runner 886'.
12, 2010 (CENS)--Attracted by the development prospects of greater Taichung area following the imminent merger of Taichung City and County, Sino Group, the second largest property developer in Hong Kong, has decided to invest NT$20 billion in tourist hotel and other property development projects in the Tatu mountain area and is also setting sight on the urban renewal project for the former Taichung government building.