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taunt 1

tr.v. taunt·ed, taunt·ing, taunts
1. To reproach in a mocking, insulting, or contemptuous manner: taunted her for wearing hand-me-down clothes. See Synonyms at ridicule.
a. To drive or incite (a person) by taunting: His friends taunted him into asking for a raise.
b. To tease and excite sexually: taunted him with glimpses of skin.
A scornful remark; a jeer.

[Origin unknown.]

taunt′er n.
taunt′ing·ly adv.

taunt 2

adj. Nautical
Unusually tall. Used of masts.

[Origin unknown.]
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Another Australian roughhouser Chris Goulding is known as a taunter and has often resorted to out-of-the-rules tactics to unnerve opponents.
Jamie Tyler is Sir Lancelot and also the excellently cartoonish French Taunter which flies straight in from The Holy Grail and maybe even better than John Cleese's version (gasp!).
(16)A11 day, my humiliation confronts me, my shame covers me, (17)from the sounds of the taunter and the blasphemer, from the fantasy of revenge on the enemy.
A diabolical serial killer called The Taunter tests colleagues Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter), Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) and Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) to the limit and when the team's sworn enemy is slain, the finger of suspicion points to a cold-blooded killer in the lab.
At the time of the incident, Crawford told reporters he was accustomed to fans taunting him -- primarily because of his high pay and low production as a member of the Red Sox -- but that day one taunter went over the line.
Justice in Pashtun lore needs elaborating: even a mere taunt (or "Paighor") is regarded as an insult - which can only usually be redressed by shedding of the taunter's blood (and if he isn't available, then his next closest male relation).
Items from the show were put on auction site eBay, including the Holy Grail which has adorned the front of the Palace Theatre since the show opened, the "killer rabbit" with nasty pointy teeth, a Knight of Ni and French Taunter costume.
As such he must have faced many a venal ferocious white taunter.
Frank has been a merciless taunter of Black for years, nicknaming him "Tubby" and "His Lardship," and referring to the National Post newspaper he created and sold off as his "old vanity paper, the National Putz."