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A taxonomic designation, such as Gorilla gorilla, in which the genus and species names are the same, commonly used in zoology but no longer in botany.

tau·ton′y·mous (tô-tŏn′ə-məs) adj.
tau·ton′y·my n.
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(Biology) biology a taxonomic name in which the generic and specific components are the same, as in Rattus rattus (black rat)
[C20: from Greek tautonymos. See tauto-, -onym]
ˌtautoˈnymic, tautonymous adj
tauˈtonymy n
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(ˈtɔ tə nɪm)

a scientific name in which the generic and the specific names are the same, as Tyrannus tyrannus (the eastern kingbird).
[1895–1900; < Greek tautṓnymos of the same name =tauto- tauto- + -ōnymos named]
tau•ton′y•my, n.
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a botanical or zoological name in which the two terms, the generic name and the specific, are the same (a practice no longer approved by the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature). — tautonymic, tautonymous, adj.
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a botanical or zoological name in which two terms are combined, the generic name and the specific, with both being the same. (a practice no longer approved by the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature.)
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There are 20 different 4-letter tautonymic vowel patterns.
The first two are palindromes and double-tautonyms (tautonymic words + tautonymic lines).
These words have either a palindromic (aea) vowel pattern or a tautonymic (aeae) vowel pattern.
In Word Ways of May 1998 (page 128) my Removing Embedded Letter Patterns took uninterrupted palindromic and tautonymic sequences out of words to leave a good word by joining the remaining letters at the beginning and end of the word.
Here, all the alternades give rise to two letter sequences at least one of which has a Palindromic pattern, a Tautonymic pattern or a Miami (12312) pattern.
The patterns 2.11 and 11.2 are not admitted as they are not palindromic or tautonymic.
2011 p 34), I offered a new type of numerical tautonym, specifically the numerical tautonymic charade.
Most tautonymic words, as well as consisting of a repeated letter/group of letters, are also phonetically tautonymic, the 2 identical letter groups having identical pronunciations, eg pawpaw (pc: pc:).
Apparently he consulted the Making the Alphabet Dance index to look for suitable tidbits associated with Darryl Francis and Jeff Grant--not an easy task, as both of them are associated with relatively hard-to-present concepts such as three-dimensional word cubes, non-crashing word sets and tautonymic ten-squares.
Part 1 examined Palindromic, Tautonymic and Miami Numerical Charades, whilst Part 2 examined Progressive and Regressive Numerical Series Charades.
Some of the words offered also make Palindromic, Tautonymic or Miami numerical charades (see Part 1).
These 2-word tautonymic phrases give some idea of what she gets up to and what is involved in her chosen career.