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taw 1

tr.v. tawed, taw·ing, taws
To convert (an animal hide) into white leather by treating it with a mixture containing alum and salt.

[Middle English tawen, from Old English tawian, to prepare.]

taw′er n.

taw 2

1. Chiefly Southern US A large, fancy marble used for shooting.
2. The line from which a player shoots in marbles.
3. A game of marbles.
intr.v. tawed, taw·ing, taws
To shoot a marble.

[Origin unknown.]

taw 3

 (täf, tôf)
Variant of tav.
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I have a fief in the Rue Tirechappe, and all the women are in love with me, as true as Saint Eloy was an excellent goldsmith, and that the five trades of the good city of Paris are the tanners, the tawers, the makers of cross-belts, the purse-makers, and the sweaters, and that Saint Laurent was burnt with eggshells.
Khartoum, Aug.31(SUNA)-Member of Sovereignty Council, Professor Sdiq Tawer directs chieftains in South Kodofan State to exert efforts to contain and stifle sedition erupted between tribes of Beni Amer and Nuba in Port Sudan city, capital of the Red Sea State , stressing importance of containment of the dispute so as not spread to other areas.
Aside from Abdulmessih, civilians include Aisha Mousa, Siddig Tawer, Mohammad Alfaki Suleiman, Hassan Sheikh Idris and Mohammad Hassan Al-Taishi.
They are Hassan Mohamed Idris, Al-Siddiq Tawer Kafi, Ayesha Musa Saeed, Mohamed Osman Hassan al-Taayeshi and Raja Nicola Issa Abdul-Masseh.
The Sudanese Forces for Freedom and Change coalition (FFC) nominated Hassan Mohamed Idris, Al Siddiq Tawer Kafi, Mohammed al Faqi Suleiman, Mohamed Osman Hassan Al-Taayeshi, Ayesha Musa Saeed and Raja Nicola Issa Abdul-Masseh to serve as members in the council, the spokesman noted.
Mariam al-Mahdi in a short statement extended to Sudan Tribune in the early hours of Tuesday at about 03:00 AM (local time) said the five nominees of the FFC are Aisha Musa, Hassan Sheikh Idriss, Mohamed al-Faki Suleiman, Siddiq Tawer and Mohamed Hassan al-Ta'aishi.
Compatriot Ma'ali Tawer finished third at the Arabian level and sixth at the west Asian level, while his countryman Nawaf Al Dhaen came fourth at the Arabian level and seventh at the west Asian level.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION: awed; dewar; dewater; draw; drawee; drew; ewer; hewed; hewer; tawed; tawer; thaw; thawed; thew; thewed; threw; twee; tweed; wade; wader; ward; ware; wart; water; watered; wear; weather; WEATHERED; weed; weeder; were; wert; weta; wether; whare; what; wheat; whee; where; whereat; whet; wrath; wreath; wreathe; wreathed.
In the Overall Men category, Kieran White won the top prize, Mli Tawer bagged second and Hazem Jassim third, while in the Overall Women category, Lorna Bradford was the winner, Shannon Lebeuf stood second and Glenis Driscoll third.
The meet was moderated by Egyptian academic and legal expert, Nijad Bari, and the chair of the Sudanese Parliamentary Media Committee, Afaf Tawer.