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taw 1

tr.v. tawed, taw·ing, taws
To convert (an animal hide) into white leather by treating it with a mixture containing alum and salt.

[Middle English tawen, from Old English tawian, to prepare.]

taw′er n.

taw 2

1. Chiefly Southern US A large, fancy marble used for shooting.
2. The line from which a player shoots in marbles.
3. A game of marbles.
intr.v. tawed, taw·ing, taws
To shoot a marble.

[Origin unknown.]

taw 3

 (täf, tôf)
Variant of tav.
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I have a fief in the Rue Tirechappe, and all the women are in love with me, as true as Saint Eloy was an excellent goldsmith, and that the five trades of the good city of Paris are the tanners, the tawers, the makers of cross-belts, the purse-makers, and the sweaters, and that Saint Laurent was burnt with eggshells.
The Chairperson of Sudan Department in the National Human Rights Group, Afaf Tawer, has highlighted on the activities carried out by the group in Geneva, top of them was the protest stand of the group members before the Human Rights Council against the unilateral coercive measures being imposed the United States against Sudan.
He also praised athlete Maali Tawer, who achieved the first place in the Pan Arabian Duathlon Championship in Sharm Al Shaikh, Egypt, as well as Sameera Al Bitar and Abdulla Attiya, the champions of the female and male contests and Hamad Al Mansoori, who was placed second in the under 23 category.
The head of the parliamentary subcommittee on information and tourism, Afaf Tawer, for her part, stressed that official media outlets will stay neutral towards all candidates.
In the Overall Men category, Kieran White won the top prize, Mli Tawer bagged second and Hazem Jassim third, while in the Overall Women category, Lorna Bradford was the winner, Shannon Lebeuf stood second and Glenis Driscoll third.
The meet was moderated by Egyptian academic and legal expert, Nijad Bari, and the chair of the Sudanese Parliamentary Media Committee, Afaf Tawer.
Jan Keulen, director of the Doha Centre for Media Freedom (left), Afaf Tawer, chair of the Sudanese Parliamentary Media Committee (centre) and Nijad Bari, Egyptian academic and legal expert (right) talk about the Sudanese press law and recommendations produced by concerned experts and officials at a press conference held at the Centre.
We have more reasons than any other Arab country for an uprising," said Siddique Tawer, of an opposition umbrella group.
It was more than a stroll for Bahraini Maawli Tawer who broke the 21.
Tenders are invited for Repairing of sewage pipe line at tata tawer gali subhas colony ward 71
MLI Tawer and Mohammed Tawer claimed an impressive one-two victory on Friday in the Bahrain Road Runners (BRR) Cross Island Race.
The head of the bloc, Afaf Tawer, said in press statements yesterday that the bloc is currently developing an integrated vision for lifting the state from its current crisis, pointing out that they are closely working with ministries of defense and finance as well as other competent authorities.